~e; visualizing EMFs (movie)

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 4 Oct 2003 13:01:56 -0500

[I have been trying to figure out how to visualize EMFs
in several conditions (floor, wall, empty space) and am
running into a conceptual dead-end. A long time ago I
had wanted to make a movie of a TV set or even take
photographs of various electrical installations (pad-
mounted transformers, powerlines, a substation which
sends its fields easily across the street at a high-rate)
and to 'make waves' visible using a video-editor to
overlay an animated graphic of undulating fields, tho
they are complex and at right angles, so it would need
to be like a sketch, but it is always relying on mediation
through technologies, apart from direct experiences. it
may be necessary to take a static rendition, as string,
tape, and other approaches all seem too simple (in the
Einstein sense, in making it 'simple but not too simple')
for the complex environmental interactions. searching
online I came across a wonderful approach by clothing/
fashion designers, and while there are easy critiques to
make about radiation visuals as such, it attempts to do
this very difficult thing, which I've not seen done before.
Take a look at the movie they provide, and it is also an
interesting presentation, so well worth a visit. my last
thoughts were on using fishing line to hang metal yarn
from the ceiling and elsewhere, to create suspended
'shapes' around things like a TV or light, yet it would
not work for things on the floor or wall, and would take
longer than possible. And, it is curious if a current would
then be introduced in these hanging metallic yarns that
might start to carry significant currents and could shock
people, just from sitting there, insulated and catching
static electricity and other influences. some questions...
ideas on visualizing EMFs are appreciated, long-term,
how might EMFs be 'seen' in ordinary environments, in
their realistic complexities? right now am looking into
the possibility of creating a DIY EMF sensor by one of
the circuit diagrams in a book by Mims, and also think
that Hall Sensors which can sense magnetic fields
may help in 'finding' or 'mapping' such places, yet it
is in their representation that is difficult, the 'divining
rods' of electromagnetism exist and can be modified,
but how does one visualize these unique attributes
or dimensions of space upon encountering them?...]

Fashion Victims  // clothing visualizes EMFs. see movie...

		'electronic pollution is
                  in the air, it comes from
                  every electric device of the
                  planet...but is there a way to
                  make this invisible world visible?
                  are clothes the right medium to
                  visualize, display, illustrate it?
                     can wondering around with
		 fashionable but polluted clothes
                      stimulate a social debate, arise
                      critical awareness?'

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