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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #51

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (10/02/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  URLs...

01) --top stories--

Putin casts doubt on Kyoto Protocol

A Tiny Video Camera That Never Forgets // mobile DV recording...

	'Deja View, of Brick, N.J., says it will soon produce the Camwear 100,  
a digital video camera about an inch long and smaller than a nickel in  

	'The lipstick container-sized camera can be worn, as the name implies,  
by unobtrusively clipping it to a pair of eyeglasses or on a baseball  
cap's bill. And the camera sends its images to a cell phone-sized  
device worn on a person's hip.' ... 'But what makes the Deja View  
camera setup unique, says company President Sid Reich, is the software  
that controls how the whole device works.' ... '"The camera is  
constantly monitoring what you see," explains Reich. "When you see  
something occur that you want to keep, you hit the 'record' button and  
the last 30 seconds of what the camera saw is recorded onto a tiny  
removable memory card."'

MIT OpenCourseWare >>  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Video Lectures -- Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism // TEAL. Visualizations...

Destroying a Magnetic Field  // movie

SUBJECT: Two Wires in Series // movie

Volts may fend off invading  carp // zebra mussels, now this...

	'Minnesota natural resource officials said Tuesday that they are  
studying the possibility of building an underwater electric barrier  
across the Mississippi River to prevent the northward spread of Asian  
carp into the state's waterways.' .. 'The barrier, consisting of  
electrified cables or bars on the river bottom, would shock fish as  
they swim toward it. It might be installed somewhere between the Iowa  
border and the Twin Cities if a study concludes that it would work.'  
... 'Martin said he supports the study. "Any time you get 3-or 4-foot  
carp that are virtually eating machines, they're going to have an  
effect on the system," he said. "Instead of food that would be  
producing walleye, northern, bass or a number of other desirable  
species, all of a sudden that biomass is going into producing carp."'  
... 'Vern Wagner, conservation director for the Minnesota B.A.S.S.  
Federation, said his group also hopes that the invasive carp can be  
blocked. "It is a subject of concern," he said. "They leap out of the  
water and attack people in their boats. None of us wants to have that  
happen to us."'

An Introduction to Lissajous Patterns

	'Before the days of digital frequency meters and phase-locked loops,  
Lissajous figures were used to determine the frequencies of sounds or  
radio signals. A signal of known frequency was applied to the  
horizontal axis of an oscilloscope, and the signal to be measured was  
applied to the vertical axis. The resulting pattern was a function of  
the ratio of the two frequencies.Lissajous figures are useful in the  
calibration of frequencies in tuning forks. With these properly  
calibrated tuning forks one is able to verify the functionality of  
police radar, or the tuning of musical instruments.'

FLASH CARD // from NewsScan <http://www.newsscan.com/>

       "We haven't failed. We now know a thousand things that won't  
work, so we are much closer to finding what will." (Thomas Edison)

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

3G Mobile Signals: Health Effects // what about wi-fi?

	'Radio signals for the next generation of mobile phone services can  
cause headaches and nausea, according to a survey conducted by three  
Dutch ministries on the impact of tomorrow's data networks on health.'  
.. 'The study, the first of its kind, tested the impact of radiation  
from base stations used for the current mobile telephone network,  
against those for new third generation, or 3G, networks for fast data  
transfer -- which will enable services such as video conferencing on a  
mobile device.'

MIT OpenCourseWare >> Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Rusty and Radioactive By ASHOT SARKISSOV // NYT op-ed

	'Submarine conditions are only  part of the problem, however. None of  
the 192 submarines that Russia has decommissioned have been completely  
dismantled; Russia lacks places to put the vessels' spent fuel and  
irradiated scrap. As a temporary measure, more than 80 nuclear reactor  
compartments are encased in  storage containers at sea that have to be  
inspected and repaired periodically so they stay afloat.'

The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era // from Segway inventor...

	'For those with substantial resources, the technology behind the iBOT  
wheelchair could lead to further technological breakthroughs in the  
future. "The core technology is one of those that has the potential to  
revolutionize transportation, but it may take a decade or so," said  
industry analyst Rob Enderle.'

Vibrating shoes could halt falls

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

GPS Users Still Lost in the Woods
	'A smart backpacker will always carry "a detailed topographical map  
and a compass, and not the battery-operated kind," Gillogly said.' ..  
'The backcountry isn't the only place where GPS users are finding  
themselves lost. Buildings, underpasses and tunnels also confuse or  
stop GPS devices.' .. 'The satellites themselves are aging and they  
have limits. The lack of frequency diversity in the current GPS  
satellites contributes to interference in urban settings, just to add  
to blockage from buildings.'

Energy Dept. Seeks Power to Redefine Nuclear Waste

	'The argument concerns tens of millions of gallons of salts and  
sludges left over from weapons production that are now in tanks in  
Idaho, South Carolina and eastern Washington. High-level waste is  
supposed to be encapsulated in glass for burial. The department has  
chosen Yucca Mountain, Nev., as the repository site, but the site  has  
not yet opened and when it does, it will not be big enough for all the  
solidified wastes and spent reactor fuel.'

What If I Shot My TV? // windows movie file

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

The e-spy who loves you could be a felon // last week's SPAM
A company calling itself Lover Spy has begun offering a way for
jealous lovers--or anyone else--to spy on the computer activity
of their mates by sending an e-greeting, the equivalent of
a "thinking of you" card that doubles as a bugging device.

	'"It sounds a lot like a commercial version of Magic Lantern , the  
controversial program the FBI proposed a few years ago to remotely  
install a keystroke logger on the computers of people under  
investigation, he said.'

GPS will pinpoint Coke prize winners // gizmodo.net

The New Security Risk of VoIP

	'"This is the first time that a computer virus can stop your  
telephones from working," Mark Lobel, a senior manager at  
PricewaterhouseCoopers, told the E-Commerce Times. "There is a whole  
new class of attacks that can occur."'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Energy firm in pet kidnap threat

	'The local electricity company is threatening to take them hostage in  
order to force consumers to pay up.'

6.061 / 6.979 Introduction to Electric Power Systems, Spring 2003

6.635 Advanced Electromagnetism, Spring 2003

6.013 Electromagnetics and Applications, Fall 2002 // see .mov demos

8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002 // Prof. Walter Lewin

	'This term I will cover, in addition to the basics, a vast variety of  
interesting topics including: Lightning, Pacemakers, Electric Shock  
Treatment, Electrocardiograms, Metal Detectors, Musical Instruments,  
Magnetic Levitation, Bullet Trains, Electric Motors, Radios, TV, Car  
Coils, Superconductivity, Aurora Borealis, Rainbows, Radio Telescopes,  
Interferometers, Particle Accelerators (a.k.a. Atom Smashers or  
Colliders), Mass Spectrometers, Red Sunsets, Blue Skies, Haloes around  
Sun and Moon, Color Perception, Doppler Effect, Big-Bang Cosmology. ...  
There will be a build-your-own-motor contest.'

8.02 Electricity and Magnetism: TEAL:Studio Physics Project, Fall 2002

8.022 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Fall 2002

8.04 Quantum Physics I, Spring 2003

8.07 Electromagnetism II, Fall 2002

10.391J / 1.818J / 2.65J / 3.564J / 11.371J / 22.811J / ESD.166J  
Sustainable Energy, Spring 2003

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Our Busy Solar System : What Is NASA Hiding?
Get Ready For What’s Coming! // thanks *. EMFs + cultural vantages

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// 21 subs, 'ocean weather', autonomous ocean sampling network...

Taking the Oceans' Pulse, With Help From Robot Subs

	'The gliders measure the temperature and electrical conductivity of  
the water, which tells how salty it is. Another instrument measures how  
much light is available for microscopic plants to photosynthesize. To  
count the microscopic plants, known as phytoplankton, another  
instrument emits blue light, which is absorbed by chlorophyll in the  
phytoplankton and re-emitted as red light.'

11.310J Media Technology and City Design and Development, Fall 2002

1.264J / ESD.264J Database, Internet, and Systems Integration  
Technologies, Fall 2002

21L.432 / CMS.915 Understanding Television, Spring 2003

21L.708 / CMS.910 Technologies of Humanism, Spring 2003

21H.418 / CMS.880 Technologies of Word 1450-2000, Fall 2002

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

6.101 Introductory Analog Electronics Laboratory, Fall 2002

6.111 Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory, Fall 2002

6.002 Circuits and Electronics, Fall 2000

5.73 Introductory Quantum Mechanics I, Fall 2002

5.74 Introductory Quantum Mechanics II, Spring 2003

Lissajous LabS // JAVA, design lissajous figures

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

High hopes for smoke alarm mobile // built-in smoke detector

	'The sensors can pick up on smoke, but also other toxic gases in the  
atmosphere like methane and carbon monoxide, according to the Romanian  
inventors who are based in Canada.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Measuring 'Digital Wars' // .pdf via cryptome.org
Learning From The Experience of Peace Research and Arms Control

Nuke Threat Rising // North Korea...

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Closing the Door on Trading Floors? // exchange BOXing...
A constantly growing variety of electronic exchanges are putting  
increasing heat on the granddaddy of human pits, the NYSE

	'... Perhaps the newest incarnation of these pretenders is the  
proposed Boston Options Exchange (known as BOX), which is currently  
seeking approval from the Securities & Exchange Commission to begin  
business. Why should BOX strike fear into the hearts of floor traders  
in New York? Because it has a computer program that's designed to  
replicate the auction process the Big Board has long touted as its  
primary and unique advantage.'

CMS.930 / 21F.034 Media, Education, and the Marketplace, Fall 2001

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

EM-HEADLINE from press release // via museum-l

	'July 14, 2003 -- Kodak Pre-discloses Plans To
	Discontinue Slide Projectors and Accessories in 2004'

Oliver Grau Interview: The Image--from Real to Virtual

	'Oliver Grau talkes about the fundamental functions of the image. With  
a background in art history he is on the forefront to "historize" the  
new media movement and view it from an unusual, retrospective vantage  

Cataloguing Cultural Objects // relevant to EM works
A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images

SUBJECT: Radiation Pattern of a Quarter Wave Antenna

Two Point Charges

a thousand plateaus: a net.art stats show

The Incredible Shrinking Studio 

	'In another sign of the increased prominence of laptops in the  
recording process, as of this fall, new students at the Berklee College  
of Music have to buy a PowerBook, a MIDI keyboard controller and a copy  
of Reason , a popular software synthesis and sampling program.' .. 'For  
years, music students were expected to learn to play the piano as the  
main instrument for their education. But according to Professor Michael  
Bierylo of Berklee, those days are over. "People are turning to the  
computer as the way of learning music," said Bierylo. "That represents  
a very radical shift in music education."'

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