Re: ~e; Electromagnetic News & Views #28

Date Tue, 27 May 2003 19:54:49 +0000

here's a little info on some radio-sound art performances that have been 
happening...allot of the info is in Slovene, but there are picture and a page 
worth of english.  I had the opportunity to be involved last year, and it was a 
real treat.

Another project that i was involved with last year was, the Makrolab - to 
explain this is more time that I have to type right now, but have a look at the 
website - all the info and more is there.  It is organized by Marko Peljhan, 
one of the people involved in Signal Server!.

It will be a part of the Venice Biennial, where many of the folks who were 
involved in the past will be there at various times during the show + many new 
people doing this sort of research. There will also be abook launched durning should be able to contact The Arts Catalyst in london for info on 
aquiring it.

I'll be presenting another new radio based installation utilizing peoples 
location in space to define tuning a set of custom built radios...This will be 
in Lima Peru - i'll send along documentation when its installed...

keep up the good work with the info/news


>   thanks for sharing this information Guy. I did not know that
>   Iannis Xenakis was both an architect and composer, which
>   makes the pavilion's aesthetics makes a lot more sense now.
>   Alvin Lucier's work and others I look forward to learning more
>   about -- hopefully in time a database of composers/musicians
>   working with electromagnetism can be developed (along with
>   other artists/individuals, organizations, etc) so that, say, those
>   who doing the work know of others also working in this realm,
>   and in other mediums, too, like weaving, pottery, economics, etc.
>   also, it seems Leif Brush's work has been seen/heard before, not
>   sure when or where, but thanks for the URL. did not know of the
>   works of Stockhausen, so these references are much appreciated.
>   one person whose work has interested me on a conceptual level
>   was the artist (U.K.) known as 'Scanner' (Robin Rimbaud) though
>   I've yet to locate their website online. it is also unknown to me
>   how musicians and composers relate to electromagnetism in
>   relation to the discipline and the integration or exploration of
>   such devices and ideas (radio, say) empirically, as scholarship.
>   I've heard of many intriguing approaches, and the influence of
>   EM tech, if not other things, is evident (tape loops, mixers, the
>   electric microphone, instruments, MIDI) and it would be nice to
>   know who has explored the influence of EM in the music field.
>   as written earlier, to me music is so abstract, it is hard to guess
>   what or where the connections are as they are all over the place
>   (from frequencies to human physiology to, well, everything else)
>   that some overview would help those less literate in the basics
>   to understand how musicians relate to these developments, and
>   maybe it is through the music and compositions and performances
>   yet it is curious if there are also musicologists and others who may
>   be exploring this realm, describing it for laypeople. when a contact
>   database can be developed, then these resources and contacts
>   can be built into a research resource for those with doing the work,
>   interested in it, or wanting to collaborate on projects/ideas. Brian
>   the electromagnetic internetwork-list
>   electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization
  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
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