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Date Tue, 27 May 2003 14:34:14 -0500
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  thanks for sharing this information Guy. I did not know that
  Iannis Xenakis was both an architect and composer, which
  makes the pavilion's aesthetics makes a lot more sense now.
  Alvin Lucier's work and others I look forward to learning more
  about -- hopefully in time a database of composers/musicians
  working with electromagnetism can be developed (along with
  other artists/individuals, organizations, etc) so that, say, those
  who doing the work know of others also working in this realm,
  and in other mediums, too, like weaving, pottery, economics, etc.
  also, it seems Leif Brush's work has been seen/heard before, not
  sure when or where, but thanks for the URL. did not know of the
  works of Stockhausen, so these references are much appreciated.

  one person whose work has interested me on a conceptual level
  was the artist (U.K.) known as 'Scanner' (Robin Rimbaud) though
  I've yet to locate their website online. it is also unknown to me
  how musicians and composers relate to electromagnetism in
  relation to the discipline and the integration or exploration of
  such devices and ideas (radio, say) empirically, as scholarship.
  I've heard of many intriguing approaches, and the influence of
  EM tech, if not other things, is evident (tape loops, mixers, the
  electric microphone, instruments, MIDI) and it would be nice to
  know who has explored the influence of EM in the music field.

  as written earlier, to me music is so abstract, it is hard to guess
  what or where the connections are as they are all over the place
  (from frequencies to human physiology to, well, everything else)
  that some overview would help those less literate in the basics
  to understand how musicians relate to these developments, and
  maybe it is through the music and compositions and performances
  yet it is curious if there are also musicologists and others who may
  be exploring this realm, describing it for laypeople. when a contact
  database can be developed, then these resources and contacts
  can be built into a research resource for those with doing the work,
  interested in it, or wanting to collaborate on projects/ideas. Brian

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