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  hi Matthew, this work is intriguing, the first reminded me of an
  URL I recently bookmarked and maybe it is applicable to the
  quote on the page: "The basic conceptual plan of the work is
  to follow the events in the electromagnetic spectrum according
  to the daily changes in the ionosphere, which have a lot to do
  with the sun activity and present this immateriality as a acoustic
  and performative experience. The Signal-Sever! Machine is the
  sensor array and processing unit which receives radio waves,
  process, transforms them and send them back in a many
  different directions and forms." here it is:

†"ATMOSPHERIC ELECTROSTATICS"  by Lars WŚhlin contains chapters on Ben 
Franklin, lightning, ball lightning, lightning protection, fairweather 
electricity, and thundercloud charging. The electrochemical model of 
thundercloud charging is proposed and is shown to be supported by 
simple experiments.† QC 961.W34†††

ISBN 0 86380 042 4† (1986). Research Studies Press LTD., Letchworth, 
Hertfordshire, England
ISBN 0 471 91202 6††††††††††††††† John Wiley & Sons INC.
This 120 page book is available from Colutron Research for free 
download below.
Preface Chap. 1† Chap.2 †Chap.3 †Chap.4† Chap.5 †Chap.6 †Chap.7 †Index† 
References     (1,085kB), Entire Book  (chapters in .pdf format)


  the Makrolab is also out-of-this-world in that it looks like a
  moon colony pod or lunar-lander or moon base-camp or
  something similar. it has the aesthetic totality that the ETOY
  tank has for the aesthetics of construction and building, yet
  this experiment reminds me of Archigram's work, or others.
  it not only looks interesting, but it is functioning as it looks,
  it is like the International Space Station (ISS) for RD&D work...

Mark 1 architectural systems // imagery



   r a d i o q u a l i a are researching a project which builds on the 
use of Van Eck surveillance techniques. Van Eck phreaking enables data 
to be collected from computer monitors, and other electrical equipment 
using electromagnetic emmissions. Van Eck techniques show that computer 
data is more vulnerable than people expect. Surveillers can utilise 
receivers and remote devices to position themselves at a distance from 
the computer being surveilled, allowing data to be observed and 
replicated without needing to access a computer's hard drive.

  Van Eck TV
  making data visible - a research project

   this work also reminds me of the project which re-utilized the
  though I forget the details for its dual-use (for music, possibly).

> I'll be presenting another new radio based installation utilizing 
> peoples
> location in space to define tuning a set of custom built radios...This 
> will be
> in Lima Peru - i'll send along documentation when its installed...

  please do. on the TSCM-L list there was just a link to what seems
  to be a D.I.Y. spectrum analyzer, but I've yet to read it. in case 
  interested: <>
  Also, those links to the INSPIRE and another Nasa-related project
  also had 'custom built' radios as part of their projects, with circuit
  diagrams on one, for listening to space/earth signals, for your info.
  send any info, the website can also link to the project URLs. Brian

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