~e; Sony designer talks in S.F./.US - Feb. 11th

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 4 Feb 2003 19:20:58 -0600

  forwarded without permission from the IDFORUM LIST.
  it may be of interest to those in the San Francisco area,
  a lecture by a Sony designer, and may or may provide
  insight into decisions in research, design, and development
  of electronic and electromagnetic consumer equipment. if
  you go, let me know... (free lecture)... brian

> Date Tue Feb 4, 2003  2:31:43  PM US/Central
> Subject If you're in the SF Bay Area...Andy Proehl of Sony is speaking
> Reply-To Industrial Design Forum <IDFORUM@YorkU.CA>
> What is the role of design throughout the product development process? 
> What
> questions should be asked along the way? Have the questions changed 
> since
> the growth of the Internet? Andy Proehl will speak about these 
> questions
> and more in a talk about the design process at Sony's San Francisco 
> Design
> Center.
> http://www.baychi.org/program#2
> Steve Portigal
> http://www.portigal.com
> http://www.portigal.com/FreshMeat.htm

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