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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #12

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (2/2/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

No comments this week. Welcome to the new listmembers.

01) --top stories--

When is a window not a window? // from gizmodo.net
When the flick of a switch turns it into a giant television screen

// the analog microprocessor should raise significant
// questions regarding the ideologies of digitalism,
// especially in regards to audiovisual information...

Goodbye to ones and zeros // National Semiconductor...

"Analog chips capture sound, light, temperature and other
real-world data and convert it for electronic equipment.
Even though the analog business has been hurt during a
prolonged industry slowdown, Halla expects a turnaround
by the late spring. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but he
believes the revival will be triggered by a technological
transformation in which analog chips become the workhorse
component in the downloading of images and graphics from
the Internet as well as for wireless transmissions of
data signals.
"We're doing digital photography. We're downloading images
and graphics from the Internet, and we're doing more and
more stuff wirelessly. All of that is analog."

// thanks *. this proposal has been under debate on
// an alt.energy list which relates the production of
// hydrogen to the existing fossil fuel industry model.

Hydrogen Powers Bush State of the Union Address // thanks *

Bush approves nuclear response

"A classified document signed by President Bush specifically
allows for the use of nuclear weapons in response to biological
or chemical attacks, apparently changing a decades-old U.S. policy
of deliberate ambiguity, it was learned by The Washington Times."

Sharks' snout gel senses cold // amazing EM creatures...
Temperature change makes current flow through shark skin.

"To tell hot from cold, sharks, dogfish and rays may simply use
their heads. New research suggests that a gel in their noses
produces an electric current in response to temperature changes."

// hearing of the space shuttle disaster, it took this story to
// help remember the EM discoveries by the crew, now elsewhere,
// of never-before-seen nor photographed atmospheric EM phenomena...

Photos show odd images near shuttle

"A San Francisco amateur astronomer who photographs the space
shuttles  whenever their orbits carry them over the Bay Area
has captured five strange  and provocative images of the shuttle
Columbia just as it was re-entering the  Earth's atmosphere
before dawn Saturday.

The pictures, taken with a Nikon 8 camera on a tripod, reveal what
appear  to be bright electrical phenomena flashing around the track
of the shuttle's  passage, but the photographer, who asked not to be
identified, will not make  them public immediately.

"They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt
flashing  past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly . . .
when the Columbia  may have begun breaking up during re-entry," he  

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

FDA: Center for Devices and Radialogical Health (CDRH)

"Ensuring the health of the public throughout the Total
Product Life Cycle: It's everybody's business."

Health Data Monitored for Bioterror Warning

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to
lead the multimillion-dollar surveillance effort, which
officials expect to become the cornerstone of a national
network to spot disease outbreaks by tracking data like
doctor reports, emergency room visits and sales of flu
medicine. "Our goal is to have a model that any city
could pick up and apply," a senior administration official
said of the plan. ...

"Such surveillance is now possible because of an explosion
in commercial medical databases that health authorities,
with permission and under strict legal agreements, are
starting to mine. In ambition and potential usefulness,
the health network goes far beyond an environmental
surveillance system, disclosed by the administration
last week, that will sniff the air for dangerous germs."

Cell Phones 'Blind' Drivers, Study Shows // cellphone + SUV = ?

"Drivers who use a cellular telephone, even with a "hands-free"
device, suffer from a kind of tunnel vision that endangers
themselves and others, U.S. researchers said on Monday."

Say "Om" Before Surgery // ie. EM mind and EM body...

Your computer could be killing you // e-thrombosis anyone?

"[The study] says there is a risk of developing life-threatening
blood clots from sitting for long periods at a computer, similar
to a problem that has injured or killed some airline passengers
on long flights."

Phone Study: Holey Rat's Brains // "this is your brain on cellphones"...

Radiotherapy blow to fertility underestimated
Eggs twice as sensitive to cancer-treating radiation.

// accurate or not, some of these environmental indicators could
// be linked to EM industrial and technological processes or the
// environments they create, thus they are being included here...

Study Finds Lower Level of Old Toxins but New Trends Are Worrying

CDC's 2nd National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Grand Old Protest // dual-use webspamming + prizes...
A Republican Web site even Bush-bashers can love.

Japan 'loses' 206kg of plutonium // remember that cult?

"Japan on Tuesday admitted that 206kg of its plutonium -
enough to make about 25 nuclear bombs - is unaccounted for."

Garden-variety chips not very green

Telemarketers Sue to Stop Do-Not-Call List

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Key to Wi-Fi Security // didn't we just move from 'b' to 'g'???
As we survey the road ahead, it's clear that the arrival of WPA
and eventually 802.11i will reduce the administrative burden of
WLANs, integrating them with existing authentication mechanisms
and making the security issue disappear.

// Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC)

Bush proposes antiterror database plan // TIA reskinned?

"A forthcoming government database will compile information from
all federal agencies and the private sector on people deemed possible
terrorist threats, President Bush said Tuesday evening."

Internet attack rattling assumptions

"Disruptions from the weekend attack on the Internet are shaking
popular perceptions that vital national services, including banking
operations and 911 centers, are largely immune to such attacks."

MS: Secure computing is still a decade away

The New Security Threat: Lawyers // quite foreseeable...
// now maybe ISPs/Webhosts will become proactive, else...

"California is the first state to require that a company disclose
when a security breach may have allowed someone to steal a person's
name and social security number, driver's license number or customer
account numbers."

Hacker Insurance Market Boosted by Cyberattacks // whois liable?

Several consumer products to get 'tagged' // RFIDs for everyone...

IBM acts to protect health IDs // and, privacy vs. liability...

Firewall Geeks Meet the Night Watchmen // very interesting article...
The once-distinct realms of computer security and physical security
are merging as they realize how interdependent they are.

"Not long ago security geeks like Koskey worried only about
firewalls and computer networks. Doors, temperature, and
intruders remained the province of a facility's physical
security corps and their own group of guards and sensors.
That distinction is becoming increasingly blurry as more
IT people have begun taking over functions traditionally
assigned to the physical security side, such as monitoring
entrances and exits..."

Net Security Czar Stepping Down

'Clarke has focused most recently on preventing disruptions to
important computer networks from Internet attacks, compiling
recommendations to improve security into a "National Strategy
to Secure Cyberspace."'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Electric Power Industry Overview // great introductory materials...
This overview provides a brief introduction to the electric power
industry for the lay person--presenting background information on
the industry's overall nature and composition.

How Nuclear Power Works

Luxury tax improves community's energy efficiency

Hydrogen economy strives to emerge in fossil fuel infrastructure

Could Linux run your power plant?

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

EM Quote by Astronaut John Glenn on Colubmia disaster:

"who knows what happened? I have no idea.
    I would say this, though: I think NASA will be able to pin
this together pretty well, because they have hundreds—maybe
even several thousand—telemetry channels, which are radio
signals of everything onboard. All that information is being
sent down to the ground all the time. That’s what the people
are monitoring in the control center. So they’ll have a complete
record, and I think they’ll be able to define on a timeline what
failed first, and where the problem started."

from: 'Punkin Suite' Prid

Not Your Father's Encyclopedia

"Last week, the English-language version of Wikipedia , a
free multilingual encyclopedia created entirely by volunteers
on the Internet, published its 100,000th article. More than
37,000 articles populate the non-English editions."

Internet cafe chain plans to appeal copyright ruling

// this research ought to get a lively debate going...

Nuclear weapons and pollution linked to 65 million deaths

Students Called on SMS Cheating // and, school laptops with P2P..?

// speaking of SMS cheating, what about playing PDA wargames-
// in parliament, during a debate on Iraq...?

wargames... (via Gizmodo, click 'read')

// this is included for the multidimensional EM story angles...

Satellites Said to See Activity at North Korean Nuclear Site

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

Hybrid Cars Are Catching On

"Hybrids, vehicles that save gasoline by combining electric motors
with internal combustion engines, are emerging as the first alter-
native-powered cars to show signs of catching on with automakers
and some consumers since the automobile's early days.
Even the Army, which pays as much as $400 a gallon in battlefield
fuel costs, had a hybrid on display — a hulking diesel combat vehicle,
built by G.M., that is one of several prototypes being considered for
service within a few years, including hybrid Humvees."

Open Spectrum FAQ, version 1.1.1 // from nettime-l

Teen's Web Browser Wows Top Geeks // more on the new browser...

Expendable Microphones May Help Locate Building Collapse Survivors

The Story of the [U.S.] Army's Satellite Program

How Virtual Private Networks Work

Defense Dept., firms reach Wi-Fi pact
Tech companies and the Department of Defense have reached a
compromise on the future of wireless networking, addressing
military concerns about radar interference.

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

The Apache of the Future // basic report on Apache 2...
Many of the standard modules used with Apache 1.3, such as
PHP and mod_perl, are still considered "experimental" in the
latest version -- and this is delaying adoption, according
to Greg Stein, chairman of the Apache Software Foundation.

Where the hell is my website? // gaming domain names...

Data stored in live cells
Researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are
tapping forces of nature to store information more permanently.

'Storing information is DNA's natural function, said Wong.
"We [are] taking advantage of a time-tested, natural, nanoscale
data storage technology perfected over the last 3 billion years."
The encoding method could be used to store any digital information,
he said. "Text, pictures, music-- anything you can send or receive
over the Web could be saved in this form."'

Deep Impact // the strange matter of quark nuggets...
It came, it seems, from outer space - and it did so quickly.

Bell Labs to Collaborate on Flexible Displays // TFT displays...

Library of Congress saves recordings // media archaeology's relevancy...

"They're among 2.5 million voices and sounds - everything from the
huffing and puffing of a steam locomotive to instructions for teaching
a parakeet to talk - preserved at the Library of Congress."

// have wondered about this before... Mac OS X unix is also an issue.

Can Linux and Unix Live Together?
As tech buying cycles progress, year by year, Linux will eat away
at more of Unix' mission-critical work. That's because, at each
new upgrade point, servers running Linux will grow ever more capable.

How Capacitors Work

Red Light, Green Light: A 2-Tone L.E.D. to Simplify Screens // OLEDs

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

read about: Wireless Sensor Networks, Nano Solar Cells,
Mechatronics, Grid Computing, Molecular Imaging, Nanoimprint
Lithography, Software Assurance, and Quantum Cryptography...

Mobiles reach out to the web

"A Cambridge-based company has created cheap, smart tags that can
beam website links to mobile phones to give people more information
about the poster, advert or shop the marker is attached to."

// FM datacasting makes sense with one-to-many content channels...

Seeing SPOTs: Microsoft uses FM in new generation of gadgets

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Al-Qaeda has dirty bomb, UK says // for radioactive contamination...

Robotics Seen as Answer to Dangerous Military Jobs

Pakistan warned of being erased from map // Nuclear diplomacy...

Bush approves nuclear response // repeat. best not to miss this...

"This shows that there is a somewhat greater willingness in
this administration to use a nuclear response to other [non-
nuclear weapons of mass destruction] attacks, although that's
not a wholesale departure from previous administrations," one
former senior official said.
"Even a slight change can make a big difference. Because it is now
"official policy, it means that the United States will actively
consider the nuclear option" in a military conflict, said Daryl
Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association."

Military Faces Bandwidth Crunch 

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

6 Retailers Plan Venture to Sell Music on the Web

"In fact, Mr. Hart said he expected the pressures facing all
parts of the music businesses — including distributors, retailers
and recording companies — to motivate them all to work together
to find a viable alternative to piracy. "People are saying,
`Let's make it work on a real level,' " he said."

// this decline in PDA sales was widely anticipated, and
// there has been very little advance in basic PDA devices.
// innovation in this unique computing platform is minimal.
// instead, it has become a gadget with an identity crisis
// whereas it could be a powerful tool for data organization.

Global PDA Sales Drop 9 Percent in 2002

Businesses want wireless handhelds but are reluctant to buy
them, primarily because of concerns about secure communications
with WLANs {Wireless Local Area Networks}. "Another problem
is that the data transmission speeds are below what has been
advertised," said Gartner's Todd Kort."

Hybrid Cars Are Catching On // repeating URL because of this...

"But Stephen Girsky, an auto analyst at Morgan Stanley , predicts
that hybrids could grow to 10 to 15 percent of American vehicle
sales, which approached 17 million last year. Government incentives,
gas prices and how much manufacturing costs can be reduced will be
important factors, he said."

Hacker Insurance Market Boosted by Cyberattacks // dual-use URL #2...

"Hacker insurance, also known as "network risk insurance," has been
on the market for about three years, but is expected to explode from
a $100 million sideshow into a $2.5 billion behemoth by 2005, according
to insurance industry projections."

A New Starring Role for E-Commerce

IT Certifications and What They're Really Worth

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

Pentium Jewelry courtesy of Intel and the Intel Museum

Guitar maker preps digital network platform

"If all goes well for a small band of engineers at Gibson Labs
in Sunnyvale, Calif., this will be the year they put commercial
electric guitars on an Ethernet network for the first time."

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