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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 7 Sep 2002 14:41:11 -0500


  there is new content on the electronetwork.org website, an
  exhibit of sound samples taken from a radio scanner of the
  encrypted data and clicks, twirps, and tweets, that can be
  listened to as evidence of the constant flow of electromagnetic
  data in the everyday atmosphere. these are some of the more
  basic sounds, there are others, more elusive which are also
  more exotic, and more reminiscent of data fleeting about in
  the aether. if anyone is interested in composing/creating a
  soundwork with these or other scanner sounds, please let me
  know and a link can be made to those works also.



  news: links directory

  the links directory is currently in limbo after being installed
  as issues for streamlining the functionality would, upon being
  modified, break the program under the guesswork of a novice.
  thus, an effort will be made to investigate other programs before
  developing a robust system. else, this current version may need
  to be a temporary system until a more elegant system is found.


  news: database

  some somewhat depressing news is that, after a good 2 months of
  substantial effort, a freeware database program for the php/mySQL
  novice working remotely on a 44k dialup has not been realized.
  several avenues have been explored, including trying to modify
  current programs, installing an old cgi/perl program instead,
  looking into CMS (content management systems), address book and
  organizer scripts, group-ware tools, and usually the same issues
  of not being able to modify the script to make it work- or having
  too many unneeded features (such as with robust groupware or CMS)
  has brought everything back to where it began: searching. thus,
  not having a network of IT contacts here in minneapolis, there is
  no one to ask for offline assistance. the idea of partnerships
  has been one that would be worth pursuing, having an underwriter
  for the database which serves only a networking function, and is
  non-monetary based, but good for the community of EM researchers,
  whether individuals, businesses, organizations, and government
  agencies whose work is for public benefit, it seems possible that
  someday such a contacts database tool would be seen as beneficial.
  so it is unknown how this vital goal of the new website will develop
  and its timeline. it has been at the top of the list, and only after
  exhausting every possibility has it come back to asking for others
  help in collaborating to make this project go further forward.

  if you have ideas or suggestions for the database, please contact:


  more information on the database can be found in phase 1 of the
  Electromagnetic Education Initiative website, at the URL:


  thanks for reading.

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