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Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 14:46:21 -0500

// quite beautiful, images of fire flame in microgravity...
Floating Flame Balls

Flames do something odd in space: they form tiny almost-invisible 
balls that might reveal the secrets of combustion here on Earth.

// Wired's title on this is apt, as EM is often depicted
// as being 'the force' in various mythologies (& movies)...
// this is the EM & war section....

US Military Uses the Force // EM shields against grenades

A Battlefield Bot That Won't Die // a very big automaton...

// think there's already been articles sent about this,
// yet, just in case... visual texting...


// on low-power ultrawideband wireless communications.
// sounds like a good way to get data smog/pollution on
// a mass-scale. cannot believe there are still no public
// empirical studies going on in Universities about the
// health aspects of the 'wireless revolution'. it is
// about time to get some empirical data into well-needed
// public debates about the environmental impacts of sci-tech...

Ultrawideband: Promise or Peril?

// interesting comment about how it is cheaper for cyberwarfare
// than nuclear warfare, and the billions in damage that can be
// inflicted on enemies, through computers and networks alone...

White House Officials Debating Rules for Cyberwarfare 

// for those interested in whatever IT is...

Rumors: Segway isn't really Ginger


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