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Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 15:58:48 -0500

  // of note this week was news not widely reported last week
  // about a Chinese investment in renewable technologies for
  // new developments. have yet to see a story in print about
  // it, yet it seems that sustainable energy planning was a
  // part of the proposal/policy. on to the news of this week:

Study: Power Lines Probably Risky

Algae: Power Plant of the Future?

Notebook overhaul on the horizon
Five years from now, the desktop will probably look pretty much like 
it does today, but the notebook will likely be smaller and lighter, 
capable of making cellular calls on its own and running on methanol.

Kilometre-tall power tower approved
Australian government backs colossal solar power tower - but 
environmental campaigners are not convinced of the benefits

Crypto lockdown secures lost laptop data
Stolen laptops can now automatically encrypt all their data, thanks 
to a wireless link that triggers when the owner is out of range

// have also have heard of: energy economics/accounting. in which
// energy production-distribution-consumption is balanced with the
// cost of using non-renewable resources, and also for inefficient
// technologies which waste power, included in the balance sheet...

Accounting scandal at Mother Earth, Inc.
Put that rainforest on your spreadsheet and suddenly the global 
economy looks different, by trillions of dollars, a new study shows.


// related to brain-scanner profiling at airports of the future...

Two articles on reading body language:
"Security Concerns Bring Focus On Translating Body Language," Wall 
Street Journal, August 15, 2002.
"The Naked Face," The New Yorker, August 5, 2002.

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