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  [the electronetwork.org EM hyperlinks directory is almost
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  one of the most interesting i have seen (of hundreds of
  links) and most elegantly designed. worth visiting even
  for the generalist, the content design is superb. ~e.org]

120 Years Of Electronic Music

Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990


"This site charts the development of electronic musical instruments 
from 1870 to 1990. For the purposes of this project electronic 
musical instruments are defined as instruments that synthesise sounds 
from an electronic source. This definition leaves out a whole section 
of hybrid electronic instruments developed at the end of the last 
century that used electronics to manipulate or amplify sounds and 
tape recorders/ Musique Concrete, it has been decided to leave in 
some non electronic instruments such as the Futurists "Intonarumori" 
due to their importance in the history of modern music.

The main focus of the site is on instruments developed from the 
beginning of the century until the 1960's. The more modern and 
current Synthesiser companies have been included for the sake of 
'historical completeness' but are already well documented elsewhere 
on the internet, a comprehensive set of links are provided. To browse 
the site it is recommended that you leave open both windows as the 
main menus page will take time to redraw, clicking on the links on 
the main menu will open a page in the same window..."


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