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  short news cleanup...
  (informative cosmology article from the NYTimes...

In the Beginning ...

  (interesting approach to online security

Two-headed hard drive aims for security


  (more cellphone restrictions/planning (.uk)...

Mobile users back public places ban
by Standard Reporter 


  [this is one of the wilder possibilities i've heard of. a potential
  screen that (in time) could also work as a solar power panel, so
  that a laptop screen could generate electricity. yet it also makes
  me think of the LED as a glorified LiteBrite (.us light-based toy).]

Display company powers up prospects
Cambridge Display Technology will use a grant to brighten the 
prospects for solar cells as well as flat-panel monitors.

  "develop efficient and commercially viable solar cells using its 
light-emitting diode (LED) screen technology."
  ..."The polymer solar cells have a similar design as CDT's polymer 
light-emitting displays, but instead of emitting light, researchers 
have been able to reverse the process so that the displays can 
generate electricity when light shines on a solar cell. ... CDT is 
also looking into a screen that can display information as well as 
act as a solar cell, "


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