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|	The Electromagnetic Education Initiative [E.E.I]
|	is a multiphase collaborative project which seeks
|	to organize electromagnetic content online, conduct
|	basic research in electromagnetic literacy, and
|	design and build an interdisciplinary foundation
|	for the further study of electromagnetism in
|	various learning environments, including offline.
|	Currently in Phase 1 of its development, a core-
|	group of participants and open-grantors are sought
|	to support and help establish the project. Please
|	contact the facilitator if you are interested in
|	contributing to this public project as an individual,
|	business, organization, or government agency. Also,
|	please subscribe to the electronetwork-list for on-
|	going project announcements & calls for contributors.

======> About the E.E.I.


	"... By inverting the traditional organization of
	expert	knowledge to focus on the content instead
	of isolated disciplines, the strategic cultivation
	of a new common knowledge of electromagnetism is
	made possible. Questions are thus freed from the
	limits imposed by preordained and outdated empirical
	models. And the focus can become the creative research
	and development of content, which is itself more sub-
	stantial than any single medium, form, or specialist
	discipline. Generalist knowledge of electromagnetism,
	when organized around ideas rather than institutional
	structures, in turn enables novel opportunities for
	integrating new and old explorations with inter-
	disciplinary understanding ..."

======> Overview of the E.E.I.


	"... Electromagnetism permeates everything around us,
	yet it is abstract and complicated to understand...
	The Electromagnetic Education Initiative (EEI) seeks to
	transform this situation by recontextualizing electro-
	magnetic phenomena from a cultural perspective. By
	establishing a common knowledge of the vital role of
	electromagnetism in our art, science, & technology,
	public awareness can be fostered.

	The EEI will accomplish this goal in three phases:

	/// PHASE 1-- Electromagnetic Internetwork website ///


	The Electronetwork.org website will contain electro-
	magnetic content gathered online the Internet which
	will be organized into databases, featured works,
	hyperlinks, and electromagnetic educational materials.
	Electromagnetic Internetworking (electronetworking)
	will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in
	helping raise public awareness of electromagnetism.

	/// PHASE 2-- Electromagnetic Literacy project ///


	The common foundation of Electromagnetic Civilization
	will be excavated in a hands-on 'dig' of the new electro-
	magnetic space-time, aesthetics, and culture using basic
	tools. Documentation will establish the basis for a
	common sense awareness and understanding of electro-
	magnetism in everyday life, the world over.

	/// PHASE 3-- Electromagnetic Studies project ///


	The story of electromagnetism will be rewritten in an
	Electromagnetic Cosmography which maps and diagrams its
	evolution from the theoretical Big Bang to the Internet.
	This new empirical model will recontextualize electro-
	magnetic knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective,
	and advance its educational research and development.

======>  E.E.I. Participants


	"...The model for group and individual participation in
	the EEI is that of Electromagnetic Internetworking, also
	known as Electronetworking. It is based upon the idea
	the idea that persons of various disciplines can learn
	from those in others, who work on related content, and
	also advance their works through the exchange of ideas
	and unique perspectives..."

======>  E.E.I. Open-Grant


	"...The Open-Grant is the result of non-existent support
	from traditional granting institutions which define the
	specific expertise for grants. As the EEI is a general
	and multi-phased endeavor, a strategy of making the grant
	open for public review, by as many parties and peoples
	around the world as is possible, is hoped to improve upon
	the initiative and also to widen the range of potential
	grantors, supporters, and participants, as this is in
	the nature of the project itself, to work with many,
	in a transparent organization, for common goals..."

|	Your feedback, suggestions, and comments are appreciated.
|	Please e-mail the facilitator at: aetherica@earthlink.net

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