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Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 10:22:04 -0500

  [these are a few short thoughts on recent phenomenon,
  parts online and offline, which have a similar theme.
  the following e-mail is forwarded about a public radio
  project in the U.K. which reminded me of would could
  be a way to bring the online, offline, into traditional

  for example, i think it was Neil Postman and-or Richard
  Saul Wurman, and likely others who have mentioned the
  possibilities with designing information flows, a carto-
  graphy of places, actual and virtual. and so, when looking
  at the public television station (in .mn/.us it there are
  two channels on broadcast, only one of which is used all
  of the time, channel 2, while the other is used at night
  for parallel programming, channel 17. yet only has weather
  radar on during the daytime, basically, media-wallpaper.

  and i wondered both about the newspapers and also the TV,
  and also having stated about the radio, previously and in
  turn found out about such projects exploring these areas
  anew, such as the project below. yet, to see this big blank
  space on the public TV channel made me wonder about all of
  the programming that could be there, or, how someday it
  could become a channel for things online to function off-
  line, and for public and educational and artistic matters,
  which fits within the mission of public television/media,
  if it continues to survive. in other countries the main
  channels for media are publicly/state owned, yet in the
  .us it is hard to find public content. so too, if there
  were columns in mainly repetitive newspapers which brought
  content from online, offline, by independent content dev-
  elopers, it could become another merging/hybrid place,
  where new and old merge. not to mean that a newspaper-
  writer writes an online column, but online people get
  published in a special space, offline, to broaden the
  public discourse. which could be an interesting experiment
  between new and old media, as it is sometimes called...]

Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:06:39 -0700
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