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Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 09:36:44 -0500

(1) Semiconductors : The Next Lightbulb [LEDs]
Arik Hesseldahl, 06.17.02, 8:00 AM ET

" The LED business is a little-known segment of the semiconductor 
industry whose genesis goes back to before the creation of the first 
digital calculators. Those old enough to remember the first handheld 
electronic calculators will remember seeing digits composed of red 
dots. Those dots were the LEDs.

Now companies in the business are looking to put LEDs anywhere 
there's a need for light, from office buildings, to the car 
dashboard, to mobile phone displays, to Christmas tree lights. Don't 
laugh. The first LED-based Christmas lights, billed as a safer 
alternative because they generate little heat and last longer than 
conventional lightbulbs, hit the market last year."

/between keychain lights, new flashlights, traffic lights
where one can see the colors in the daylight, and bicycle
lighting, LEDs appear to be developing into a new future/


(2) 3 dimensinal vision now affordable (NYT)

/also story on wired.com related to pool hustling with tech/


(3) supercomputing for national security

Lisa Gill, www.NewsFactor.com

  /there was also news about a new (vector-based, i think) super-
  computer being installed up in Alaska, from .jp, which works
  differently than all others today, (in the .us) and which is
  not measured by how many processors or computations in could
  perform, as brute speed was not the performance standard/


  (4) other. in Trudeau's cartoon today there was a statement
  that 35,000 homeowners associations in california (power-
  crisis/conservation land of question) outlaw clotheslines
  to dry (not em-machine-dry) clothes. / more on the 'dirty-
  bomb' in the news / earthquake at Yucca Mtn, the proposed
  nuke waste site or graveyard / cellphones can be used as
  remote bugs for spying by turning it on from a distance /
  more on photonics and teleportation / nasa funding anti-
  gravity research (it seemed from cursory glance / and a
  good wired interview with George Gilder about the netflop.


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