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(it is difficult to reason why this is not sent for the
purpose of the political aspects. yet, this 2nd big
media hack is quite notable in the scale of things
electronic. also remember that, in a sense, Radio
Free America broadcasts were said to have been
sent by western .DE to eastern .DE, into the USSR
by way of electromagnetic radiowaves. regarding
the first article, i believe 2500 people were detained.)

Falun Gong hijack TV in second Chinese city



  [quite frightening given the dynamic systems involved, should
  something like a defensive system be activated not by human-made
  decisions but chance or whatever one may decide to call it.]

Lightening Triggers Anti-missile System on German Chancellor's Plane


"Because of lightening in the northern Afghan sky, an anti- missile 
device beneath the military transporter was automatically opened, 
releasing stannic stripes and phosphorescent balls."


{ubiquitous story. volunteers for computer chips inserted under skin.
comparison to being scanned as is grocery food at supermarkets. and,
just for one issue, technologies are sometimes not 100% perfect and
data can/could be corrupted/lost/manipulated/stolen via EM, possibly.]

private citizen's get ID'd via internalized chipsets 4 databody scanning


  [general interest... as has been mentioned before, about the relation
  between the nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces being
  in some relationship to one another... and, who is exploring it today..]

'Lifters': An Idea in the Clouds
By Michelle Delio


"All major scientific breakthroughs were scoffed at when they first 
debuted," Marc Millis, a researcher at the Breakthrough Propulsion 
Physics project, said. "To move forward, a scientist has to explore 
the seemingly impossible."


  {no comment.}

Cosmic catastrophe 'a certainty'
By Dr David Whitehouse
BBC News Online science editor


"Using the latest statistics and calculations, he argues that a 
supermassive star collapsing at the end of its lifetime would form a 
black hole and send out a beam of destructive radiation and particles 
that would sterilise any planet in its path."


  [what has always been heartening about the high-tech sector is that
  there are many who are using their skills to better the lives of
  others who have some type of barrier to shared experiences, i do not
  know if this is a fair way to put it. yet, while the inventor of, say,
  the IT machinee (segway) developed (very innovative) wheelchairs as
  a purpose, and persons have made it their cause to help people speak,
  and hear, and read, and all kinds of newly liberating possibilities.]

Bionic Retina Gives Six Patients Partial Sight

Wed May 8,10:30 AM ET
By Julie Steenhuysen


"...The patients are part of a pilot study of a solar-powered 
microchip created by Optobionics, a private company based in Wheaton, 

The microchips, surgically implanted behind the retina, are smaller 
than the head of a pin and about half the thickness of a sheet of 
paper. They work by converting light into electrical impulses.

"What we are doing is trying to replace the function of 
photoreceptors," said Dr. Alan Chow,.."


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