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  [no need to comment, but a thought of going to a recent
  photography swap, in that antique cameras (and EM light
  meters, mostly broken, some elegant) were there, along
  with old broadcast tv/digital processing equipment, and
  some familiar first-consumer computers, texas instruments
  and commodore 64. so too, surely there are similar gather-
  ings for things now electromagnetized: telephones, radios,
  televisions, computers, book-fairs, stamp collecting, and
  other possible EM antiquity venues. here are 'online' re-
  sources, yet it is hoped that the offline ones are saved
  so as artifacts to learn by also, as they are valuable in
  ways that may not be monetary at first, but nonetheless
  are of great worth in being able to see how EM media has
  transformed (if only by way of industrial design, say).]

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>Subject:      Antique & Crystal Radio Resources for Student Projects
>From: Anton Ninno < aninno@cnyric.org>
>Here is a collection of sites students and teachers can invistigate for a
>connecting radio technology to topics in science, social studies, and
>language arts.
>How Radio Works
>The Simplest AM Radio
>Class Workshop: How to Build a Crystal Radio
>Radio Online -- A to Z's Home's Cool Homeschooling
>My First Ever Crystal Radio Kit for My 6th Birthday
>Build Simple Radios
>Build Your Own Crystal Shortwave Receiver
>A Basic Crystal Set -- Amateur Radio Tutorial Pages
>Antique Radio Supply -- crystal radio kits & old-style ear & headphones
>Antique Wireless Association
>Crystal Set Society -- kits, parts, plans, books, and many other resources
>Crystal Radio Kit for $6.25
>Radio Science Kits at The Science Store
>American Museum of Radio
>Antique Crystal Sets -- German Museum
>Antique Communications: Radio, Telephone, Telegraph, Phonograph
>Antique Radio
>Foxhole Radios -- WWII
>WWII Foxhole Radio
>A Selective Razor Blade Crystal Radio
>Construction of Radios in a Japanese POW Camp -- WWII
>Notes on Crystal Sets for the Guidance of POWs
>Phil's Old Radios
>Hammond Museum of Radio
>Antique Radio Links
>Photos of Antique Crystal Radio Sets -- French Museum
>Radio Revolutionized the World -- Lesson with Media Activity
>Radio Reflects Society: Roaring in 1926
>United States Early Radio History
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