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Title: some EM newsbytes

[obvious. now stated. esp. with disposable mobiles.]

Study: Discarded cellphones harmful

By H. Josef Hebert (AP via Salon.com)


[artificial intel, by way of the outer skin inward]

A Human Touch for Machines

 The radical movement of affective computing is turning the field of artificial intelligence upside down by adding emotion to the equation.
Emotion Machines /May 7, 2002  COLUMN ONE


quote: "But if scientists are right about the potential of today's research, emotion machines would force a debate that could redefine intelligence, artificial or human, and shed new light on the core of humanness--what it means to feel.

"Modern AI is offering us [a] realization that ... the essence of intelligence is in our capacity to perceive patterns, deal with uncertainty and operate successfully in the natural world," Movellan said. "Emotional processes may be a form of intelligence more complex and important than we ever imagined."

[Telsa as greatest hacker of ...electromagnetism]

Tesla: the Electric Magician

        1: The Man Behind the Mind
      2: The Fight for AC
     3: Free Energy
  4: Tesla's Death Ray
    5: His Wildest Dreams
   6: The Forgotten Genius
Tesla Websites
  Tesla: The Greatest Hacker of All Time
        Autobiography of Nikola Tesla


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John Hutchison, The Wild Scientist From Vancouver
(featured on Canadian TV and Art Bell)