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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 7 May 2002 01:41:03 -0500

  [have a few things from old zip disks i recently
  discovered, from the constant upgrading of ideas
  to try to find a way to work with them, thus a lot
  of experiments in how to portray/present/represent
  and communicate about electromagnetism. prior to
  Y2K, almost all work was considered in terms of it
  being 'electric', as it was the most common word.
  but over time, electromagnetism seemed inevitable,
  as it was more descriptive of the breadth and depth
  possible yet also what is unfathomable by one person.
  could be compared to having an oceanic quality. in
  any case, here are two works exploring electric light.
  the photos in the 2nd url are from a pre-megapixel
  camera, and so compression artifacts are evident, and
  i do not remember if this was known or not at that time,
  as some images are rather large and fuzzy. some wordage
  has been changed, per critiques then, for the 2nd url.

  also, today some news arrived that the Electromagnetic
  Education Initiative grant proposal was not chosen for
  funding by one institution, but made it to round two,
  so that is hopefull. at this point the E.E.I. will be-
  come an open-grant so that everyone can see it and then
  hopefully see who is interested in making things happen.
  information about the EEI will be placed online sometime
  in the near future, which will outline what some people
  have already seen about the future of the electronetwork
  .org and other projects, which compose a long-range plan.

  more to follow. plus, old jewelry and other artifacts.]

ideas (c.1998)
Contemplating decorations of electrical lights and holidays 
celebrated in the USA in the Electric Holyday, with an image and 
e-mail about wartime and its relation to energy policy and 


images & forms (c.1998-1999, not sure)
With an early model automatic digital camera, photograph local 
holiday electric lights at night in Lightshow, an exploring of 
artificial light as stars and galaxies of thought and emotion 
captured in time.


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