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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:10:48 -0600

  there are some very amazing children's books from
  ages ago which are artfully done, with equisite detail
  and conceptualization and graphic prowess. one such
  book is: Around the World in a Flash, by Marie Neurath
  Lothorp publishing, 1954.

  in 2 (black and red) and 4 colors, complex subjects are
  visualized in clear, if not technically ingenious ways of
  showing how things connect. something that the high-
  gloss factors of the encyclopedic 'how technology works'
  cannot get, as the photograph nature adds too much detail
  to see the complexity that already exists, via simple but
  creative and innovative thinking. it has the feeling of the
  first volume of 'how things work', or whatever the early
  version of that book, prior to architect's geting their paws
  on it, was like. meaning, a mechanics illustrated dictionary
  of how a refrigerator works, so you could troubleshoot it.

  in any case, following are 5 scans from the book. they are
  all done quickly, and it is a small book, probably 6x8inches
  with gray and red type cover with radio broadcast tower
  on the front, a common aesthetic element. it was shrunk,
  the others are larger size, yet the book is designed with
  both pages to tell the (spatial/temporal) story of EM in
  media, so unfortunately, a lot is missing in the absence.

  there are other books, but this is one of about 5 favorites.
  may put one or another online like this just for sake of
  the range these can take, graphically, substantively, and
  all. one is from the UK about nuclear war. it is an art-book
  and meant for adults i imagine. it is so bleak it is hard to
  even look at the cover. another is all about electric lights.

goto: http://home.earthlink.net/~aetherica/em/

  or download these separate files....

  the paper is aged and offwhite and changing the brightness
of the image did not improve its first-hand image. so it may
have a hue of some sort cast over it, grayish or red even.


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