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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 00:28:14 -0600

  this is something that will take a longer typological
  study to show in enough detail and volume that it is
  clearly evident. yet, i went to take photos in snow,
  as it would make two elements of some contrast at
  a nearby lake, yet forgot to charge my camera and
  so got 4 shots on the shoot, so did not get some of
  the other things i had hoped, such as a ship's mast
  at another lake's pavilion, which has the tensile lines
  in the metal mast, wires, which relate to the guy-wires
  on e-poles and ship/boat rigging for sails and the like.
  in any case, two photos.

  one is ubiquitous for lake peoples, at least in the USA
  they seem to look alike, and they are 'canoe slips' i
  guess they could be called. T-shaped crosses which
  hold canoes when water melts back into liquid form.


  if one is to look at 'lighting' systems in outdoor sports
  stadia (minor-league or major league lighting structures,
  but mostly in the neighborhood parks) the structure, the
  thing holding up the lights, often has the same multiple-
  T structure from which the lights are arranged. i am not
  sure about interior stage lighting, but that is another area
  which is always fascinating, such as opera e-translating
  boards and the like, auto lighting systems, programmed,
  the music, but that is for another day at the opera i guess.

  the second set (actually one) of photos (actually, only got
  one shot, and saw my battery dying so biked to get other
  shots that i knew i needed to get before the battery died,
  odd, not the film like in old cameras running out, but the
  charged battery not holding its charge, and being out of luck).
  this is one of the neater aesthetic things in my opinion, it is
  the result of some redesign of the city lake nearby. a whole
  'habitat' environment was created for the sacred duck at
  the lake, you know, 'duck crossing' signs and the like, as
  they became a novelty and all. but it is a nice place for them
  as they have a bit of their own place, which they chose some
  decades ago, and some landscape designer decided to make it
  even better for the duckies. so they have it good. and part of
  the redesign is some type of perch/nesting post. never heard
  of what it is, is new since i was last here. but it is very much
  like an e-pole, (it is an e-pole without electricity, same type
  of lumber, relative height). yet at its capital area, its crown,
  is an abstract nest of sorts. of wooden slats. one might say
  duck decon. in any case, i've never seen a duck on them, and
  am not sure what they are, if they are an artisitic thing or
  what, but in any case, they are very e-pole like, and as it
  always reminded me of claus oldenburg's work, i think it
  was with alphabets. and was looking through some older
  drawings and saw that instead of using a "T" as the top
  of the crossarm e-pole, or the triple T as with the photos
  above of canoe racks, it was to make every letter of the
  alphabet into an e-pole, to use the letters as capitals on
  the columns, and some were pretty interesting. so this
  is one way to interpret the aesthetic similarity, a type
  of language, typological. or it is proposed that it might
  be reasoned this way, if more precedents were available.
  in any case, so much for stories. here is the photograph.


  oh, there is a snow covered lake in the background, in case
  anyone is living in the land of green right now. minneapolis.mn.us

  or see: http://home.earthlink.net/~aetherica/em_photos/

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