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Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:28:10 -0600

  now this artworking is bringing GPS to a whole
  new realm, as the other, but more public in that
  it is using tracking to draw, cave-painting like.
  URL from j.g.'s newsgrist. really exciting work:


GPS Drawing - Gallery - Draw - Information

Welcome to the Global Positioning System drawing project.

  Drawings made on Water, over Land, and in the Air.

*	New:
*	Brighton Boat 5 km from bow to stern
*	Dog on a bicycle red boned blood hound
*	Elegant Gliding over California (with 3d images)

  Have a GPS receiver?

*	You can view your own tracks in 3-dimensions
*	GPS-o-graph version 5.4 (new)

  Project details with Links and Contacts.

*	What is GPS? - Who uses it?
*	GPS Maps of Oxfordshire and Brighton and Hove (GB)
*	Cardboard cutout models of GPS tracks

  Play our Shockwave doodle-game.

News: BBC Online -

  Brighton Elephant Latest aerial image

Updated 26th March 2002.

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