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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:51:36 -0600

  will try to be concise here. want to balance what
  may be totally negative ideas with some options of
  seeing em art in the mundane, as artifacts. one day
  i was in the local energy company talking with the
  engineers and asking about aesthetics in the energy
  infrastructure, and got a signifcant article on such
  (file away, as of now), but also some photocopies
  from some reference books, that were exactly the
  type of 'typological' data i was imagining might exist.

  or, i was supremely surprised it did exist as it was
  consistent with design and aesthetics that i had known
  of from architecture. in any case, there were types
  of transmission pylons that were photocopies, and
  also some pages from a book on distrubution poles.
  later in life i found a book (the book, in regards to
  this kind of thing), believe it is the official lineman's
  guide, a reference of all things electrical infrastructure.
  if permitted for a moment, i would compare such a book
  to the pattern books and also evolutionary models of
  development, a certain refinement and adaptation and
  also lineage of a type of design aesthetic through the

  the metal pylons have a lot to contribute to the idea
  of modernism by their manufactured (and then, new)
  materials, and their forms, otherworldly in a way.

 	pylon_types1.jpg	92 K
 	pylon_types2.jpg	83 K


  and the distribution poles, again, back to shipping
  and sailing as a precedent for such design forms.
  they were not invented, per se, but evolved or
  adapted. maybe someday this 'visible' yet unseen
  infrastructure will be gone, and with it, an ability
  to see our common connections with peoples all
  over the world. so it is hoped it will remain...

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