~e; the siege of ~e.org

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:20:43 -0600

  [message for audiences who want to/need to better understand
  that something is amiss these days. if you'd rather just keep to
  straight-on content, which is a fine decision if not involved in
  this mess, please make use of your choice to not click into it.]

  [for those who are either connected to the issues surrounding
  this site's effort to exist, who are here to help or hurt or both,
  there is a post that is too abstract to post here, but which is a
  statement of intent for what may be grevious wrongdoing on
  the parts of fellow citizens in the art, architecture theory.nets.
  i can understand, in part, through making a lot of mistakes my-
  self, how people can do things which eventually go too far. yet,
  there is always a choice to step back, and start making changes.
  those who do not make changes, that is, screwing around with
  this site (that is, the non.gov and non.com ones, of course :), are
  going to face a fury that will eventually be quite unsettling. so
  this is a very serious warning about the difference between doing
  what is in the human interest as distinct from that of one person.
  the weirdest thing is, it is in thinking that such a horror has arisen.]


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