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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:06:09 -0600

  [this is one example of persons time-sharing on highly technical devices
  to reinterpret them. another example is an architect using a supercomputer
  for experiments. another is the Japanese artist i believe that had some kind
  of butteryfly net and was picking up radio or EMF waves. there are hundreds
  and thousands of such works being done, and someday a pattern will emerge
  about why and how and who and where and what is being done via EM. ~e.org]


Acoustic.Space.Lab is a networked, communications-art project exploring radio
waves, satellite transmissions and the exploration of the atmosphere and of
outer space. The core of the project is a large archive of audio, video, and
radioastronomy data gathered at a Soviet-era 32m dish antenna in Latvia in the
Fall of 2001. Various artists have been invited to work with, reinterpret, and
remix this archive to create new projects which expand the network and invite
artistic dialog.


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