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From bc <>
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 09:46:16 -0600

  apologies to all, but fine none the less, in that
  there is an academic assault going on that is no-
  where near ended. and i would like to let others
  know that the site may have been hacked
  not by 'the state' or 'energy companies' but by
  net.theorists and of which
  there is ample evidence unfolding. i appreciate
  those who recognize there is something wrong
  with this, but there is also a fascism building in
  thinking about things, and it is this to which i will
  write. i have not slept, eaten much, and have been
  weeping and writhing in the pain created by these
  people. it is most amazing that people would be
  cruel without conscience. and they will be paying.
  not with money, but with being held accountable.
  war games in times of war are no longer games.
  nor is theory, when it promotes pure depostism.
  there is a reason nietzsche & plato are linked.
  private message as explanation for private msg.

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