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  [being fortunate to learn of this field a few years ago, it could
  become one of the most directly applicable and 'abled' solutions
  to problems faced in technological societies, for which better
  designed electromagnetic products (the majority of things),
  could be transformed from the raison d'etre for toxic landfills
  to a redesigned and reinterpreted technological ecosystem which
  can be reused, redesigned as needed, and longer-lasting and of
  better use of what is invested into these production processes.
  thanks again * for the forward. change requires the design arts.]

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see SCARE: "The Strategic Comprehensive Approach for Electronics 
Recycling and Re-use (SCARE) project has been set up under the EUREKA 
Umbrella CARE "VISION 2000" to carry out actual research projects 
which produce tangible results out of the ideas and strategies that 
have been identified within the activities of the umbrella project."

see EcoLife
The EcoLife project looks at closing the loop on electr(on)ic 
products and domestic appliances from product planning to 
'end-of-life' technologies. The aim of the EcoLife project is to 
contribute to the elimination or at least mitigation of priority 
environmental problems by developing solutions of wide ranging and 
general applicability in the electric, electromechanical and 
electronic industry.

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