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  [thanks to * for the fwd'd info about the TEA. this is related to
  an idea i've read of from earlier texts, finding some resolution
  between money and energy and time. i think it was called energy-
  credits, or something such. about 'accounting for the whole cycle
  of energy in the creation and dismantling of systems as their total
  energy cost. and to have a rating system on how efficient a certain
  design is, and how much energy is used to make something, and how
  much is used to operate a device. so consumers would know what
  they are paying for, what they are getting, and how much it _really
  costs, in terms of natural resources, labor, energy to make it, and
  then how well it uses energy, and how much of it can be reused.

  have been wondering about strategies for this. another fwd'd post
  will follow on a similar theme. but how to 'invest' in better energy
  systems, not in terms of literal infrastructures alone, but also
  best practices that have yet to be invented/evolved, almost would
  seem to necessite a different valuation of work, a different way
  of accounting for labor, material goods, money itself, by way of
  a reconstituted value-system, capable of dealing with today's
  complexity,while also bringing in that needed economic pragmatism.]

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>        1. TEA Update & Summary
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>  Subject: TEA Update & Summary
>  TEA or Titanic?
>  Enron, terrorism, world wars, poverty, pollution, ignorance,
>  monopolization and other symptoms of "our" dysfunctional political-
>  economics are just the tip of the iceberg.  The global financial
>  system is the iceberg.  Whoever crashes into the iceberg sinks.
>  Whoever builds a good life raft might survive and prosper.  Time-
>  Energy Accounting (TEA) is a sturdy life raft for everyone's benefit.
>  Time + Energy = Wealth.
>  "I sincerely believe... that banking establishments are more
>  dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending
>  money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but
>  swindling futurity on a large scale."
>  - Thomas Jefferson
>  The function of the Time-Energy Accounting (TEA) system, 100% backed
>  1. Administer a lawful citizens' currency.
>  2. Strengthen the liberties and responsibilities of individual
>  citizens and local communities.
>  3. Minimize the centralization of power.
>  4. Balance competition and cooperation in the marketplace.
>  5. Minimize public and private bureaucracy.
>  6. Maximize efficient and equitable utilization of natural resources.
>  7. Eliminate the need for personal income tax.
>  8. Minimize the need for any taxation.
>  9. Minimize corporate-government racketeering.
>  10. Stabilize the money supply and price level.
>  11. Restore full-reserve banking.
>  12. Remove the primary cause of economic inflation, deflation,
>  recessions, depressions, warfare and waste of resources.
>  13. Enhance life, liberty, tranquility and democracy for all.
>  *************
>  The Time-Energy Accounting (TEA) network issues:
>  1. Citizens dividends backed by human lifetime ($1 = one hour = $730
>  per month) plus
>  2. Energy dividends backed by harvested renewable energy ($1 = one
>  kilowatt-hour).
>  Who can reasonably deny that our lifetime is our most valuable asset?
>  Who can reasonably deny that benign renewable energy is the
>  foundation of a sustainable civilization?
>  Renewable energy investments produce real dividends in the universal
>  metric of kilowatt-hours (kWh) measured by ordinary energy meters.
>  Human lifetime is itself a natural dividend in the universal metric
>  of hours measured by ordinary clocks (unless you endorse slavery).
>  Producers of renewable energy are free to sell their energy on a fair
>  marketplace at competitive prices (ie: below $0.10/kWh) to consumers.
>  Because the harvesting of renewable energy is rewarded with TEA
>  dollars, savings/investments are channeled to productive and
>  sustainable infrastructure rather than paper money, precious metals,
>  weapons, oil, uranium or other "barren" (non-renewable) commodities.
>  TEA dollars are valid for four (4) years from the month of issuance,
>  then "self-redeem" or "self-extinguish" like expiring coupons.  This
>  stable monthly demurrage (deflation) rate of approximately two
>  percent (2.083%) encourages participants to invest in productive
>  infrastructure.  The sooner participants circulate or invest TEA
>  dollars, the more value their dollars have, since TEA dollars
>  represent time-energy value for only four years.
>  Participants are issued citizens dividends once they are sixteen (16)
>  or over so that parents will not be encouraged to over-populate for
>  money.  Citizens may vote in treasury elections once they are sixteen
>  or over.
>  Nuclear power, new large-scale hydropower and open-loop geothermal
>  power are not benign, sustainable or cost-effective.  Windpower,
>  solar-thermal, solar-electric, organic biofuels, closed-loop
>  geothermal and micro-hydropower are sustainable and cost-effective.
>  Among other things, renewable energy can desalinate our oceans to
>  produce abundant fresh water and eliminating another cause of warfare
>  and environmental decay.
>  The issuing of TEA dollars is performed by elected local treasurers
>  and their staff.  Confederated / cooperative local treasuries co-
>  audit each other on a randomly selected basis every three months
>  (quarterly).
>  TEA dollars are lawful and negotiable currency.  TEA dollars are not
>  so-called "legal tender" concocted by "our" corporate government.
>  TEA dollars - paper or electronic - bear the following information:
>  1.  Time-energy value represented.
>  2.  Serial number.
>  3.  Month and year of issue.
>  4.  Month and year of expiration.
>  5.  County or municipality where issued.
>  6.  State where issued.
>  7.  Signature of the local treasurer.
>  TEA Certificates are inherently more valuable and more difficult to
>  counterfeit than Federal Reserve Notes, European Central Bank Euros
>  and other unbacked fiat currencies.  TEA Certificates are redesigned
>  every four years and bear both universal and local design elements.
>  Our life - our time - is greater in value than any material
>  commodity.  Nobody has the right to presume that one person's
>  lifetime is more valuable than another's.  Doing so assumes the
>  legitimacy of slavery.  Time dollars represent the lifetime of all
>  citizens and provide equal rights to all.
>  The average citizen in a healthy society can be expected to have a
>  lifetime of approximately one hundred (100) years.
>  Valuing one dollar ($1) to one hour of every citizen's lifetime
>  provides a stable and equitable trust fund of $876,000 per citizen:
>  $1 x 24 hours x 365 days x 100 years = $876,000.
>  Each citizen's trust fund of $876,000 represents his or her natural
>  inheritance of lifetime.
>  When junior citizens become adult citizens at sixteen (16) years of
>  age, such citizens are free to collect time-backed citizens dividends
>  every month:
>  $876,000 / 100 years = $8,760 per year.
>  $8,760 / 12 months = $730 per month.
>  Each and every adult citizen receives time-backed citizens dividends
>  of seven hundred and thirty dollars per month ($730/month) issued by
>  elected local treasuries.
>  Energy is the most essential commodity for the functioning of
>  civilization. All of our lives depend on energy.  All forms of energy
>  on Earth are derived from the Sun.
>  Renewable energy (eg: micro-hydropower, organic biofuels, solar-
>  electric, solar-thermal, windpower) is abundant and decentralized
>  energy available from the Sun's present energy flow.
>  Non-renewable energy (eg: fossil fuels, uranium) is scarce and
>  concentrated energy stored from the Sun's past energy flow.
>  In less than one week, the Earth receives more solar energy than all
>  fossil-fuel and uranium reserves combined.
>  Energy dollars - backed by benign renewable energy - represent the
>  most valuable commodity civilization requires to survive and prosper.
>  Valuing one dollar ($1) per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of harvested
>  renewable energy provides the foundation for a prosperous, peaceful,
>  efficient and sustainable economy.
>  The TEA system's local treasuries maintain records of their resident
>  population and the renewable energy harvesting within their locality
>  and issue currency proportionately.
>  To ensure that all the TEA system's local branches are maintaining
>  accurate records, all treasuries are co-audited by other treasuries
>  every quarter.
>  To ensure no conflict of interests are established among local
>  treasuries, the quarterly audits are performed by the treasuries of
>  other localities selected each quarter on a random basis by elected
>  representatives.
>  The random selection of rotating local treasury auditors is conducted
>  by manually counted paper ballots by the elected state, district,
>  provincial and territorial representatives.
>  State, district, provincial and territorial representatives also
>  assist local treasuries in maintaining accurate and uniform records,
>  and maintaining consistent universal design elements of TEA
>  Certificates.
>  Local treasurers and district representatives are elected every four
>  years by manually counted paper ballot.  No electronic or mechanical
>  vote tabulation is permitted.
>  Counterfeiting of TEA dollars - paper or electronic - is enforced by
>  local treasuries in coordination with all state, district, provincial
>  and territorial representatives.
>  Indicted counterfeiters are tried by jurors in courts selected by the
>  elected representatives.
>  The sentence of a first-time convicted counterfeiter is the ten-year
>  suspension of all such convict's citizens dividends and energy
>  dividends.
>  The sentence of a second-time convicted counterfeiter is the lifelong
>  suspension of all such convict's citizens dividends and energy
>  dividends.
>  The sentence of a third-time convicted counterfeiter is the lifelong
>  exile to an uninhabited iceberg in the Arctic Zone.
>  "Those who govern, having much business on their hands, do not
>  generally like to take the trouble of considering and carrying into
>  execution new projects.  The best public measures are therefore
>  seldom adopted from previous wisdom, but forced by the occasion."
>  - Ben Franklin
>  Time + Energy = Wealth.  What's Your Share?
>  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
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