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Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 00:12:50 -0200

por favor, me deixem em paz... não suporto mais receber mensagens de vocês.
são 200 emails por dia...

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>On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 07:51:47AM -0600, brian carroll wrote:
>>   if anyone on the list could explain how a router works today,
>>   it would be much appreciated. i am trying to remember what was
>>   said to me about routers today, what they do. basically, i think
>>   it was said these used to be dumb devices, passing through data,
>>   but now with so many addresses and options, they are now dealing
>>   with the entire addressing system of the internet, where to route
>>   the data-traffic to, and need to process this data before sending
>>   a stream in a certain direction. also, it seems these routers are
>>   also networked on the backside together, working together to make
>>   such decision-making faster and more efficient.
>There are different kinds of routers.  Most of them are simple gadgets
>that hang out in corporate closets.  At the edges of corporate
>networks and at small ISPs there are have more complex routers which
>dynamically make decisions about traffic flow--these are the ones
>which are being compromised.  At the backbone of the network there are
>research organizations and the big backbone providers--firms like ATT
>and MCI Worldcom--and I think they all do it a bit differently.
>One point not usually made about this is that it's largely built on
>the existing voice transmission network and, at the level of the large
>carriers, the networks merge.  Internet II is something else, but the
>original ARPAnet used a tiny bit of the voice network to carry its
>traffic.  There is, by the way, very little difference between a
>long-distance telephone exchange and an internet routing center.
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