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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
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  more interesting news on the fuel-cell front, and references
  the 'scale' issue, from the micro sized (battery) to the macro
  size (automobiles, buses, powerstations). interesting that this
  technology, i think, originated in the space program for fueling
  space craft, as did other devices in use today (i think in the
  telecom realm, but also solar). i imagine that there is military
  R&D going on in this field too that may someday make it to dual-
  use status, whereby portable electronics in the field need to
  be both battle-hardened and also long-lasting and lightweight.
  all things that work well for mobile computing/communications.
  it seems with these types of innovations creeping up, that a
  change will occur once they are introduced to market in many
  different areas as a choice, albeit likely expensive to pay
  for R&D but hopefully within range to get people transitioning
  to the newer and hopefully better technological standard. i
  think fuel cells have been around for 300 years or so, so the
  technology behind them is not a 2oth century thing. maybe it
  was 100-300 years ago, i forget. but in any case, some hope...

>NEWS.COM (http://www.news.com/) story
>NEC, Sony see promise in fuel cells
>September 04, 2001, 11:10 a.m. PT
>The consumer electronics giants assert that a battery technology 
>they are separately developing will offer more power for portable 

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