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  of all the kind responses from the EPRI, this is of
  another kind, and since it is a public letter, i do
  not feel it is ethically obscene in publishing it
  to the list of 60 subscribers to the electronetwork-
  list. i hope the Electric Power Research Institute
  responds to this type of 'hilarious' conjecture.
  cc'd to the sender and the EPRI public contact info.

  Electricity Innovation Institute project info at:


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Subject: RE: Electricity Innovation Institute
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 07:50:30 -0700

This is hilarious. It reminds me of a crazy man "whom" used to call me up
and tell me at GREAT length about the stories he wanted to write for the Noe
Review, but "whom" never submitted anything!

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>  Subject: 	Electricity Innovation Institute
>    EPRI Journal, please forward to anyone whom might be
>    an appropriate contact to follow up on the query below...
>    I would like to work as a public researcher for your
>    institute or have some public dialogue regarding the
>    issues your mission seeks to address.
>    I am an electromagnetic researcher whom views energy
>    policy as the keystone to our democratic future, and
>    values public-private cooperation in making this change
>    possible, and productive for society at large.
>    A comparision of energy policies has been posted at the
>    Public Energy Network site, http://www.electronetwork.org/works/pen/
>    which details the current system (which is a 5 year strategy) and
>    a 100 year plan, for dealing with issues such as pollution, security,
>    and inefficiency. My work is educationally based, in the sense that
>    it seeks to raise awareness of electromagnetism in the environment,
>    from a cultural, multidisciplinary perspective.
>    My work has been isolated as it does not fit into the traditional
>    models, but I have much to contribute to the public/human direction
>    of our global energy strategies, while taking into account where
>    things are at for businesses and governments today.
>    I hope you will consider funding my research work as an integral
>    aspect of educating people about 'why' change is necessary, and
>    why long-term goals can help stabilize the economy, transform
>    the industries to adapt with new technologies, and address the
>    needs we as humans need to face together. Education is one aspect
>    that has so far been overlooked, from my experience.
>    Please contact me with any suggestions and-or ideas of where
>    my work may apply, as I would much like to help move things in
>    a direction beneficial to all, and believe this is possible with
>    an institute such as yours which funds independent researchers
>    from around the world.
>    Thank you for your consideration,
>    brian
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