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  Martha Lovette of the EPRI wrote back to explain and offer
  apologies, which i accept, for her e-mail mistakenly sent
  to me. also clarifying that the contents in no way represent
  the EPRI nor the Electricity Innovation Institute, which is
  understandable. her response is greatly appreciated and i
  myself apologize for not sending this out immediately (am
  in the middle of moving and quite exhausted to write). one
  thing i did not understand was the response itself, but now
  i have a better understanding of the use of 'whom' in both
  my and her response. apparently i, troubled with language
  as i am, misused the term, and it likely should have been
  written 'who'. i could see that this, from an editors stand-
  point, may be something that is of great importance, as this
  is what editors are supposed to be on the watch out for. in
  any case, i do not believe in perfect language, nor ideas,
  but i hope the ideas can get looked at, imperfect as the
  language may be, as ideas are what make language meaningful.

  so too, public policy, electrical research, whatnot. my hope
  is that the long-term electrical planning, that leap that
  it may seem to be today, is taken seriously. that is, the
  ideas. and hope that the 'map of democratic power' versus
  today's 'industrial power system' would be analyzed for its
  content, and overall strategy as to why or why it may not
  be an effective goal for the future, which we are building
  for. i hope the EPRI and Martha Lovette consider the content
  being relevant to their mission, as in various areas big and
  small (such as with fuel cells in automobiles and computers,
  changes in telecom structures, and other areas), that these
  will bring changes that could be in harmony and-or contradict
  the current industrial energy planning paradigm. in one view,
  it may be best to be proactive, and nurse the future in, even
  if it causes difficulty and is imperfect. else, one might be
  left as an irrelevant and outdated institution, behind the
  times and without the power for planning the future, as the
  future is outside of an electrical R&D institution's ability
  to plan or shape it in a mutually-beneficial direction. once
  again, the url: http://www.electronetwork.org/works/pen/
  2 maps, old power, and new power. the ideas are what matter.

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