CSG news update -- 2007-07-19

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China Study Group news update

Chinese denounce FBI newspaper ad
Inside Bay Area | 2007-07-18
Scott Marshall
An FBI spokesman has acknowledged that some in the Bay Area Chinese community were puzzled by ads placed in three Chinese-language newspapers asking for help in uncovering espionage.  The FBI issued an explanation last week stating: "The FBI is not asking members of the Chinese community to spy on...

Japan court rejects compensation to Chinese harmed by chemical weapons
People's Daily | 2007-07-18
 The Tokyo High Court on Wednesday rejected the demands by Chinese plaintiffs seeking compensation from the Japanese government for their sufferings caused by chemical weapons left behind by the Imperial Japanese Army in China at the end of World War II.  The high court overturned an earlier rulin...

New poverty reduction approach benefits more
People's Daily | 2007-07-18
"China has so far transferred 2.6 million rural labors to cities," said Liu Fuhe, spokesman for the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development.  Since its reform and opening in 1978, the Chinese government has spared no effort to eliminate poverty within three stages...

Gulf group to build $5bn city near Beijing
FT | 2007-07-18
Simeon Kerr
A consortium led by Gulf Finance House, the Bahraini Islamic investment bank, unveiled plans on Tuesday to build a residential and industrial city in China worth up to $5bn.  China Energy City will be developed on 13 sq kms in Yanjiou, near Beijing, offering facilities such as a branch of a planne...

Worst storms in 115 years hit China
Bangkok Post | 2007-07-18
Beijing (dpa) - The worst rainstorms for more than 115 years killed at least 37 people and forced the evacuation of 113,000 people in mountainous areas of south-western China, the government and state media said on Wednesday.  The storms brought torrential rain to neighbouring Chongqing and Sichua...

China Makes Strides in AIDS Fight
Sci-Tech Today | 2007-07-18
Anita Chang  
"I believe that over the last few years there have been serious progress and good results in the fight against AIDS in China and now the challenge is to sustain these efforts," said Peter Piot, executive director of UNAIDS. He said successes in China include top-level government commitment and trans...

China warns against illegal surveys by foreigners
Yahoo! News | 2007-07-18
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's state-controlled media have warned citizens to raise their awareness and prevent leakage of state secrets, charging that illegal surveys by foreigners in the country were on the rise and threatening national security. ADVERTISEMENT  "Many Chinese mistakenly believe...

China Jangxi Contractors casual workers threaten strike action
United Press International | 2007-07-18
July 18 (UPI) -- Monze, July 17, ZANIS----Some casual workers working for China Jangxi contractors, a company contracted to rehabilitate water and sewer system in Monze district in Southern Province yesterday nearly went on strike due to poor wages and alleged ill-treatment by the project engineer. ...

OECD highlights Chinese pollution
FT | 2007-07-17
Jamil Anderlini
China's air pollution will cause 20m people a year to fall ill with respiratory diseases, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimated on Tuesday. The Paris-based club of industrialised countries said China was not doing enough to combat widespread and serious environment...

Chinese Migration Goes Global
Yale Global | 2007-07-17
Peter Kwong
 NEW YORK: Since the end of the Cold War, some 181 million people have left their homes to find opportunities elsewhere in the world, not only from the poor nations to the rich, but from the poor to the less poor nations. This movement is fluid, its impact not confined to individual nations.  And ...

Foreign buyers squeezed out of China
FT | 2007-07-17
Raphael Minder
Foreign companies are struggling to complete takeovers in China and are being forced to pay more than local bidders, leaving Chinese buyers to drive the growth in the country's mergers and acquisitions activity, according to a report.  The latest data, collated by PwC, indicate that M&A transa...

Robert De Niro to bring Mao Zedong to big screen
Channel News Asia | 2007-07-17
LOS ANGELES - The rise of Mao Zedong and communism in China is to be brought to the big screen by actor-director Robert De Niro, entertainment press reported on Monday.  The Oscar-winning star of "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" has secured the rights to "Chasing the Dragon: A Veteran Journalist&#3...

China, Pakistan, and Terrorism
Foreign Policy in Focus | 2007-07-16
 Tarique Niazi
Sino-Pakistani relations, which are unparalleled in closeness and warmth, have come under severe strain lately from growing militancy in Pakistan. The Pakistani military's storming of the Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) has been an important indicator of the changing tenor of the relationship between th...