Workers Democracy versus Privatization in China

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Thread-topic Workers Democracy versus Privatization in China

Title: CSG news update -- 2007-07-12
I recently wrote an article published in Socialism and Democracy titled, "Workers' Democracy Versus Privatization in China". I can send a copy to anyone interested, just email me.
From the first paragraph:

This article focuses on the role of ‘workers’ democracy’ in state-owned

enterprises (SOE) and workers’ resistance to privatization in China

today. The concept of workers’ democracy has its roots in the first 40

years of labor relations under Chinese state socialism (Brugger 1976;

Cliver 2005; Taylor et al. 2003), and no less so in the post-Mao period

(Chen 1995; Zhang 2001). But what is its significance to Chinese state

workers today? Does it enhance the development of state workers’

organizational capacities? Or does it just reinforce the neoliberal policies

pursued by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Interviews

with SOE workers’ protest leaders suggest the limits of the possible

when Chinese state workers reengage the concept of workers’ democracy

through their Workers’ Representative Congresses as part of their

resistance to privatization.

Black and white folks were busy fighting over paper boats 
in the mud puddle while the fat cats were laughing and had
taken the yacht to Bermuda!
Reverend Joseph Lowrey

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China Study Group news update

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