RE: a website on rural China

From "Matt Hale" <>
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 02:59:37 +0000
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Thanks for the link, Hairong.

Does anyone know any details about the Party's new "Shehuizhuyi Xin Nongcun 
Jianshe (Socialist New Village Construction)" campaign and its relationship 
to the "Xin Xiangcun Jianshe (New Rural Reconstruction" movement associated 
with Wen Tiejun et al? Hans mentioned this Party campaign a while back - it 
was introduced as part of the new five year plan (last November I think?) - 
Hans also pointed out the similarity between the two "yundong (campaigns/ 
movements)", and I know that some of the XXJ people have been trying to get 
the Party to endorse their ideas about XXJ for years. So is that what is 
happening? Is there any remaining difference between the two? I find it 
especially interesting that this website Hairong forwarded is using the same 
language as the Party campaign, "SXNJ", and yet it is speaking positively 
about things to which the Party is officially opposed, such the Mao-era 
People's Communes. I think it was unusual to see any positive discussion of 
People's Communes even in the quasi-non-governmental venue of XXJ websites a 
few months ago (although Hans pointed out that He Xuefeng has published 
several things of that nature on the Sannong Zhongguo website). I'm afraid 
that I read Chinese extremely slowly, so I've only just begun to browse the 
website, and I still don't know much about either XXJ or SXNJ. I would be 
grateful to read any insights on these developments that list members can 



>From: YAN Hairong <>
>Subject: a website on rural China
>Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 18:17:10 -0600
>Hi friends,
>I have just learned about a very interesting Chinese language
>website on socialist rural China that focuses on People's
>Commune(renming gongshe). It should be of interest to those
>who are concerned with rural issues in China and who are more
>broadly concerned with socialism.
>Yan Hairong