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2006-01-10  LA Times
Flats bubble bursts in Shanghai

2006-01-10  Reuters
China unlikely to sell dollar reserves - cenbank

2006-01-10  China Daily
PLA downsizes its forces by 200,000

2006-01-10  China Daily
CNOOC taps into Nigerian resources

2006-01-10  The Guardian
Charity: new cultural revolution,7369,1682832,00.html

2006-01-09  AFP
Fresh toxic spills pose water threat

2006-01-09  The Standard
Beijing eases oil, coal grip

2006-01-09  Financial Times
China revises up GDP growth for a decade

2006-01-09  Reuters
China jails three villagers over pollution riots

2006-01-09  AP
Hospitals ordered to aim care at ailing poor

2006-01-09  Dow Jones
Proposal to change state firms equity

2006-01-09  The Standard
US$130m push for Tibet train

2006-01-09  Financial Times
China is set to remain the dollar's best friend

2006-01-08  Time
China's Fast-Moving Vehicles,9171,1147185-1,00.html

2006-01-08  Harpers
The Great Leap: Scenes from China’s industrial revolution

2006-01-08  AP
Bolivia's Morales makes China overture

2006-01-08  EFE
Morales praises Mao, asks China to invest in Bolivia

2006-01-08  The Guardian
Shanghai plans eco-metropolis on its mudflats,7369,1681385,00.html

2006-01-07  Reuters
China to cut costs, extravagance in medical sector

2006-01-07  Xinhua
Hi-tech zones account for half of revenue of China's hi-tech industry

2006-01-07  China Daily
US$100 laptops will be produced in Shanghai

2006-01-07  UPI
Farmer kills 4, self in China bombing

2006-01-06  Japan Times
No rest for 'China threat' lobby

2006-01-06  China Daily
Confucianism will never be religion

2006-01-04  SCMP
Regions' spending out of control as Beijing deludes itself with data

2006-01-02  SCMP
Capitalist punishment

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