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2005-12-20  Reuters
Safe water promised to 100 million

2005-12-20  China Daily
US paper gets full access to China court proceedings

2005-12-20  Shenzhen Daily
Rival bids for Guangdong bank top US$1b

2005-12-20  China Daily
International equity firm buys into insurer

2005-12-20  Xinhua
China to scrap all agricultural tax in 2006

2005-12-20  Xinhua
Prudent fiscal policy to continue - Premier

2005-12-20  China Daily
NGOs will get State funds to help poor

2005-12-20  Financial Times
China revises size of economy up by 17%

2005-12-20  The Guardian
In the grip of the Ankang,7369,1671211,00.html

2005-12-19  SCMP
Mainland urged to ease grip on power

2005-12-19  SCMP
Bias getting worse in Guangzhou, say Muslims

2005-12-19  SCMP
Electricity reform was doomed, says watchdog

2005-12-19  Reuters
China's Africa railway is engine of trade growth

2005-12-19  New York Times
Hong Kong to get plan for 'limited democracy'

2005-12-19  SCMP
Activist in defamation appeal

2005-12-19  Asia Pulse
China trying to protect farmers at WTO

2005-12-19  AP
'Desperate Housewives' Makes China Debut

2005-12-19  The Guardian
Beijing takes a back seat,7369,1670897,00.html

2005-12-19  China Daily
Welfare heating to be stopped in 2007

2005-12-19  Reuters
China car maker struggling to realise Rover dream

2005-12-19  China Daily
Three villagers killed during riot at power plant

2005-12-18  SCMP
Polished 'princeling' establishes his own impressive track record

2005-12-18  San Francisco Chronicle
Uprooted Chinese villagers take leaders to court

2005-12-18  AP
Chinese Media Print Slain Villagers' Names

2005-12-18  The Guardian
Global trade riots rock Hong Kong,7369,1670082,00.html

2005-12-17  South Cost Today
Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior

2005-12-17  Washington Post
Chinese Evade Censors To Discuss Police Assault

2005-12-17  Xinhua
China faces overproduction in 11 sectors

2005-12-17  The Standard
Mainland farmers `neglected' in reforms

2005-12-17  Reuters
China's Interests in Sudan Brings Diplomatic Cover

2005-12-17  Reuters
Flip - Flops and Football Help China's Africa Drive

2005-12-17  New York Times
Chinese Pressing to Keep Village Silent on Clash

"Freedom": No documents found

2005-12-15  Morgan Stanley
Liquidity Stalling

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