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2005-12-15  Interfax
China pressured to further open agricultural markets

2005-12-15  People's Daily
China's sci-tech R&D lags behind world's advanced level by 5 years

2005-12-15  Reuters
Latest China river saga: Pig pollution

2005-12-15  Reuters
China muscles in to Africa oil scramble

2005-12-15  International Herald Tribune
China a spectator at WTO talks

2005-12-15  Asia Pulse
US recognizes China's WTO achievements

2005-12-15  Asia Times
New hope for Chinese stocks

2005-12-15  Beijing Review
Going Global

2005-12-15  Xinhua
Official: China's pension system has problems

2005-12-15  China Daily
Foreign investment sees 2% decline

2005-12-15  Reuters
China Halt to Foreign Stakes in Brokerages Questioned

2005-12-15  Time
Liu Binyan, 1925-2005,13673,501051219-1139857,00.html

2005-12-15  Shenzhen Daily
Citi bids US$1.5b for local bank stake

2005-12-15  China Daily
Shanghai housing boom turning to bust

2005-12-14  LA Times
Stifling in Jade Dust,1,1716877.story

2005-12-14  AP
Kazakhstan set to open pipeline to China

2005-12-14  Financial Times
India presses China on arms sales to Nepal

2005-12-14  China Daily
Gas supply cut off due to shortage

2005-12-14  Reuters
Hopes, fears rise as China quickens Africa push

2005-12-14  People's Daily
EU threatens to resort to WTO for China's auto market access

2005-12-14  China Economic Net
60% of Chinese employees unhappy: survey

2005-12-14  Xinhua
New rich challenge family planning policy

2005-12-14  China Daily
Private firms crucial for employment

2005-12-14  China Economic Net
How a private airline can afford 20 Airbus aircrafts

2005-12-14  Shenzhen Daily
Chinese sales by U.S. affiliates outpace U.S. exports

2005-12-14  Bloomberg
Plant output surge spurs pricing fears

2005-12-14  The Standard
Foreign investors exempt from tax on yuan stocks

2005-12-14  Reuters
Firms told to brace for a stronger yuan

2005-12-14  Christian Science Monitor
Asian nations seek to chart new directions - without US

2005-12-13  USA Today
Rural areas of China put squeeze on farmers

2005-12-13  International Herald Tribune
China's tight lid on village shootings

2005-12-13  Business Week
Why China Is Tops in Tech Gear

2005-12-13  Morgan Stanley
Export Normalization Arrives

2005-12-13  Inter Press Service
China villages go to town with $30bn remittances

2005-12-13  Shanghai Daily
Nation plans to control steel production

2005-12-13  International Herald Tribune
Roche to Let Chinese Producer Make Flu Drug

2005-12-13  Financial Times
China to revise size of GDP

2005-12-13  Xinhua

China to shut down 4,000 mines by Dec. 31

2005-12-13  Shanghai Daily
Welfare fund wins endorsement

2005-12-13  New York Times
Legal Gadfly Bites Hard, and Beijing Slaps Him

2005-12-12  The Standard
SOEs make moves toward independent directors

2005-12-12  The Standard
Zhou pushes dividends

2005-12-12  The Guardian
Strong sense of deja vu blights ambitions of poor,7369,1665071,00.html

2005-12-12  The Guardian
Hong Kong on high alert as thousands of protesters fly in,7369,1665113,00.html

2005-12-12  New York Times
A New Port in Shanghai, 20 Miles Out to Sea

2005-12-11  Reuters
Protesters Denounce WTO at Hong Kong Rallies

2005-12-11  Knight Ridder
Mao gets mere lip service in China

2005-12-11  Reuters
China says police killed protesters "in alarm"

2005-12-11  Reuters
China Answers US Criticism on Human Rights

2005-12-11  Xinhua
China looks for substantive progress in WTO meeting

2005-12-11  Reuters
In China, honest toil is good for business

2005-12-11  New York Times
Villagers Tell of Lethal Attack by Chinese Forces on Protesters

2005-12-11  AFP
Official arrested for ordering protesters shot

2005-12-11  The Guardian
UK kidney patients head for China,7369,1664750,00.html

2005-12-10  China Daily
Pollution has heavy impact on grain output

2005-12-10  Time
Why Japan Keeps Provoking China,8599,1139758,00.html

2005-12-10  Xinhua
Shanwei reveals investigation report on villagers' violence in power plant

2005-12-10  Bloomberg
Chinese City Official Says Less Than 20 Died in Police Shooting

2005-12-10  Beijing Review
Regulation Renovation

2005-12-10  Beijing Review
In Search of Equality

2005-12-10  Financial Times
China and developing world back Kyoto

2005-12-10  Inter Press Service
Why Southeast Asia is turning from US to China

2005-12-10  The Guardian
Enter the dragon,7369,1664204,00.html

2005-12-10  Xinhua
Death toll rises to 90 in Hebei colliery blast

2005-12-10  New York Times
Protesters Say Police in China Killed Up to 20

2005-12-09  The Standard
CNOOC interested in buying US$10b Yukos assets

2005-12-09  The Standard
Rights group tells of dangers in trying to win justice

2005-12-09  LA Times
Wrecking Ball Casts Shadow on Arts Colony in Beijing,1,5390391.story

2005-12-08  The Dallas Morning News
In China, Mary Kay has women thinking pink

2005-12-07  Japan Focus
From APEC to WTO: trajectories of protest in Korea and East Asia

2005-12-07  Reuters
Wen slams `chaotic' mines

2005-12-07  AFP
Beijing accused over Africa push

2005-12-07  The Standard
Cotton subsidies cost farmers HK$2.5b

2005-12-06  The Standard
More cities for foreign lenders

2005-12-06  LA Times
Liu Binyan, 80; Chinese Writer, Intellectual Was Exiled After Uprising in Tiananmen Square,1,5327137.story

2005-12-06  Financial Times
China's exorbitant hospital fees in the spotlight

2005-12-06  Jamestown Foundation
Beijing's Strategy to Counter US Influence in Asia

2005-12-06  Jamestown Foundation
The Costs of China's Modernization

2005-07-06  International Herald Tribune
Maintaining the Mao myth

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