Fwd: CFP: Hegemony and Control in Public and Social Urban Space in Asia

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>> From: Federico Caprotti <fcaprot@ouce.ox.ac.uk>
>> This is a preliminary call for papers for a session at the 2006 East
>> Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography (EARCAG), Taipei,
>> Taiwan.
>> Conference information: http://www.geog.ntu.edu.tw/news/20060624/ 
>> index.htm
>> Preliminary call for papers below:
>> 'Hegemony and Control in Public and Social Urban Space in Asia'
>> A session on critical urban geography at EARCAG 2006
>> Control of public space, the city, the urban environment, and
>> associated visual-geographical  'imaginations' imposed by overarching
>> political and statal organizations have been the subject of fruitful
>> recent analysis by critical urban geographers. The dynamic spaces of
>> the city, and the articulation and intermeshing of power relations
>> through the built environment, has created particular and engaging -
>> albeit at times sinister - geographies of control.
>> Cities in Asia have been under-researched with regards to these
>> topics. This session aims to redress the balance by considering
>> power, control and the construction of hegemony in cities in East
>> Asia. The focus is on those spaces where traditionally examined
>> spaces - public space etc. - intermingle with the more subtle and
>> liminal spaces of 'the social'. From political discussion in
>> Singapore to Falun Gong in Shanghai, from the erosion of freedoms in
>> Hong Kong to spaces of disaffected youth in Tokyo, this session aims
>> to explore the spatial and social urban repercussions of control and
>> hegemony in what is arguably the most dynamic urban region of the
>> world today. Geographers and academics from cognate disciplines from
>> Asian countries, and those from elsewhere who are doing research on
>> similar topics, are welcome to submit proposals.
>> Please send abstracts of c.250 words to  
>> federico.caprotti@geog.ox.ac.uk
>> Federico Caprotti
>> Oxford University

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