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2005-12-02  Reuters
Surveys point to excess capacity

2005-12-02  Business Week
Banking On Reform In China

2005-12-02  China Daily

Handsome spending aims to clean rural water supply

2005-12-02  China Daily
'Super rice' strains set to increase production

2005-12-02  China Daily
China outlines economic goals for next year

2005-12-02  SCMP
Police stop petitionersputting case to media

2005-12-02  SCMP
Workers rights debate taboo in China

2005-12-01  Time
Behind a Chinese Cover-up,8599,1136504,00.html

2005-12-01  Bloomberg News
Steady growth for China industry

2005-12-01  SCMP
China's motoring dream on collision course with reality

2005-12-01  China Economic Net
Regulator approves Citigroup's added QFII quota

2005-12-01  AFP
China's auto industry won't threaten Japan, US for 10-20 years: report

2005-12-01  Shanghai Daily
Five billion yuan to bail out big SOE

2005-12-01  LA Times
Shift Seen in China's Attitude on Torture,1,7024185.story

2005-12-01  Financial Times
China warns on impact of renminbi revaluation

2005-12-01  Inter Press Service
China's toxic spillover

2005-11-30  China Economic Net
Equity is a must but equality is not

2005-11-30  New York Times
Letter From China: Beijing fails to deliver on promise of honesty

2005-11-30  The Indian Express
China arms shadow over Indo-Nepal treaty

2005-11-30  China Daily
Miners see no light at the end of the tunnel

2005-11-29  Morgan Stanley
From GDP to NDP

2005-11-29  Globe and Mail

Pollster takes the people's pulse in top-down China

2005-11-29  UPI
Analysis: China's ambitions for space

2005-11-29  Bloomberg
U.S. Lawmakers Renew Calls to Punish China Over Yuan

2005-11-29  World Socialist Web Site
The death of China's "red capitalist" and the 1949 revolution

2005-11-29  The National Interest
Paradigm Lost

2005-11-29  The Standard
Different route urged for railways IPO

2005-11-29  Asia Times
Capturing China's problems on film

2005-11-29  Shenzhen Daily
TCL announces State share reform plan

2005-11-29  China Daily
Oil and gas producers call for higher price

2005-11-29  The Guardian
A marriage of convenience,7369,1652983,00.html

2005-11-29  AP
U.S. Criticized Over China Currency Report

2005-11-29  Financial Times
US says China did not manipulate currency

2005-11-29  Financial Times
Harbin river clean-up 'will take years'

2005-11-28  China Daily
Citigroup to buy US$4.5b of bad debt

2005-11-28  Asia Times
China's coal: The other black gold

2005-11-28  China Daily
China mulls cutting big surplus in trade

2005-11-28  China Economic Net
Where the planned Statistics Law amendment cannot reach

2005-11-28  New York Times
Upstart From Chinese Province Masters the Art of TV Titillation

2005-11-28  New York Times
A Judge Tests China's Courts, Making History

2005-11-28  Shanghai Daily
Dangers in economic growth model

2005-11-28  The Age
China looks to suppress toxic uproar

2005-11-28  Shanghai Daily
Foreign funds show no respite in appetite for commercial property

2005-11-28  Shenzhen Daily
Firms must float State shares by end of 2006

2005-11-28  Financial Times
China's response to disasters is impeded by secrecy

2005-11-28  Christian Science Monitor
Chinese decry toxic coverup

2005-11-28  China Daily
Coal mine blast kills 40, traps 138 in Heilongjiang

2005-11-28  Christian Science Monitor
Chinese decry toxic coverup

2005-11-28  The Standard
Regional challenges rise to salt monopoly

2005-11-28  The Standard
Rural-urban split remains

2005-11-27  Xinhua
Hu underscores innovation of Marxism

2005-11-27  Mercury News
Terrorism expert oils U.S.-China war fear

2005-11-27  CRI
Expert Analyzes Rise of China

2005-11-27  Bloomberg News
Commentary: A reality check on China

2005-11-27  Financial Times
Chinese mission seen as missed opportunity for US

2005-11-27  Financial Times
China textiles exports to EU jump 40 per cent

2005-11-26  The Standard
Dying to breathe

2005-11-25  SCMP
Copper trader a scapegoat, not rogue

2005-11-23  SF Indymedia
Mao, The unknown story

2005-09-15  The National Interest
The Rise of the Chinese Multinationals

2005-07-08  Financial Times
The Battle for China's Future

2005-06-05  The Independent
Too much hate, too little understanding

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