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2005-11-27  Reuters
China's water crisis displays party power, secrecy

2005-11-27  The Guardian
Half a million flee homes after Chinese earthquake,7369,1651957,00.html

2005-11-27  New York Times
Rural Water Worries Persist After Chinese Chemical Spill

2005-11-27  Reuters
China's rising political star wants income equality

2005-11-26  AP
Currency swaps hint at China exchange reform,1,1701348.story?coll=chi-business-hed

2005-11-26  PTI
Nepal's Communist party urges China to stop military supplies

2005-11-26  Washington Post
In Chinese Uprisings, Peasants Find New Allies

2005-11-26  Bangkok Post
Japanese investors shifting from China

2005-11-26  The Independent
First a denial, then a cover-up: how China lied to its people

2005-11-26  Reuters
China resident sues over toxic spill in river

2005-11-26  Washington Post
Chinese Officials Sought to Hide Toxic Spill

2005-11-25  World Socialist Web Site
The implications of Bush's diplomatic debacle in Asia

2005-11-25  Reuters
China delivers military supplies to Nepal - report

2005-11-25  Beijing Review
New Directions

2005-11-25  China Daily

Capital market reforms on right track
China Daily

2005-11-25  China Daily
Commentary: Cover-up can't hide murky water truth

2005-11-25  China Daily
China: Shrine visit 'pouring salt into open wound'

2005-11-25  China Daily
Number of jobless may peak next year

2005-11-25  The Guardian
Harbin's poor left out in the cold as city runs dry,7369,1650483,00.html

2005-11-25  China Economic Net
Why market is indifferent to railway reform?

2005-11-25  New York Times
In China, Wholesale Urban Flight

2005-11-25  International Herald Tribune
China Blames Oil Company for Benzene Spill in River

2005-11-24  Financial Times
Geoff Dyer's diary from Harbin

2005-11-24  Xinhua
Share reform accelerated despite lackluster market performance

2005-11-24  LA Times
Trade Spat Ferments Over Spicy Cabbage,1,521963.story

2005-11-24  Financial Times
Cover-up raises fears over bird flu

2005-11-24  Financial Times
Chinese toxic spill 'may threaten food chain'

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