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2005-11-20  Xinhua
China's dependence upon overseas, domestic demand severely imbalanced

2005-11-20  SCMP
Who is China's rogue trader?

2005-11-20  Washington Post
China's Remote Villages Portend A Tough Fight Against Bird Flu

2005-11-20  The Guardian
China's young escape into the web,7369,1646702,00.html

2005-11-20  New York Times
Bush, in Beijing, Faces a Partner Now on the Rise

2005-11-20  New York Times
China Wages Classroom Struggle to Win Friends in Africa

2005-11-20  New York Times
Brazil Weighs Costs and Benefits of Alliance With China

2005-11-20  New York Times
Haier Goals

2005-11-20  New York Times
America and China: Partners, if Not Friends

2005-11-19  China Daily
Glorious life of Hu Yaobang marked

2005-11-19  AFP
Central bank vows to push ahead with reform

2005-11-19  Washington Post
China Gives Political Outcast Rare Revival

2005-11-18  SCMP
Beijing 'ignored' by local cadres

2005-11-18  New York Times
Made in U.S., Shunned in China

2005-11-18  Christian Science Monitor
US more cautious than wary as China's reach grows

2005-11-18  China Economic Net
Guiding private capital into petro sector

2005-11-18  Asia Times
China knows its limits in Europe

2005-11-18  Bloomberg
China to Default on Copper Contracts Amid Shortage, Lawyer Says

2005-11-18  Financial Times
Beijing to honour reform-minded Hu Yaobang

2005-11-17  Yale Global
Asia's Polite Reception To Bush Masks Declining US Influence

2005-11-17  SCMP
Foreigners drive Shanghai office prices

2005-11-17  The Standard
Steady rise in urban fixed assets

2005-11-17  Christian Science Monitor
Chinese build a high-tech army within an army

2005-11-16  SCMP
Guangzhou police stop meeting of Yemeni community

2005-11-16  AFP
Beijing wades into WTO row

2005-11-16  The Standard
Foreigners seek control of fund ventures

2005-11-15  People's Daily
East Asian identity is coming into being

2005-11-15  Xinhua

Migrant workers becoming rural middle class

2005-11-12  AP
Bush, China's leader tackle fiscal frictions

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