chinese anarchism after 1949

From "Matt Hale" <>
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:10:12 +0000

Arif Dirlik argues in _Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution_ that CR 
Ultra-Leftism and some of its subsequent theoretical developments gave 
expression to "traces" of the early 20th century Chinese anarchism that had 
entered the genealogy of Chinese Marxism, but that he has seen no evidence 
that these later activists and theorists acknowledged this connection, nor 
any indigenous attempts to put CR Ultra-Leftism in dialogue with anarchism 
as a philosophy (as opposed to a mere slur). I find this hard to believe 
considering that a number of Ultra-Leftists fled to HK and entered dialogue 
with other left currents such as the "libertarian communist" 70s Collective, 
who were making their own analyses of the CR struggles. Did none of these 
perspectives make it back to the mainland? Moreover, I know that a number of 
mainland scholars started publishing books on anarchism and Chinese 
anarchism in the 1980s - most, at least on the surface, from an orthodox 
anti-anarchist perspective (some more clearly sympathetic) and all, as far 
as I have seen, ending their discussions of Chinese anarchism well before 
1949 (despite evidence that there were scattered pockets of peasants and 
workers maintaining fidelity to the anarchist tradition until at least the 
1960s), but one expects that someone on the mainland would have written 
about the connection at some point. Can anyone help to fill in the gaps 

More generally, can anyone provide a list of Chinese language resources 
related to anarchism, anti-state communism, etc.? In addition to books, I'm 
also interested in other media, such as film, music, websites, as well any 
current or recent periodicals. And related to that, does anyone know of any 
existing anarchist collectives or resource centers in HK or Taiwan?

(I was surprised to see that a search of my library for "annaqi", "an na 
ch'i", "wuzhengfu", "wu cheng fu" yielded several books published on the 
mainland, only one from Taiwan, and none from HK. I guess I need to use a 
Cantonese transliteration for HK books? Anyone know what that would be?)



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