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2005-11-15  Xinhua
China not ready to collect inheritance tax: official

2005-11-15  New York Times
U.S. Urges China to Open Markets and Help Break an Impasse in Global Trade Talks

2005-11-15  New York Times
China to Give Memorial Rite to Hu Yaobang, Purged Reformer

2005-11-15  New York Times
China Is Bright Spot in Dark Report on the World's Diminishing Forests

2005-11-14  SCMP
Jin faces taxing task as ministry's role undergoes change

2005-11-14  The Indian Express
Saarc reality check: China just tore up India’s Monroe doctrine

2005-11-14  Xinhua
Foreign cap for small banks may change

2005-11-14  AFP
US trade deficit with China to top US$200b

2005-11-14  China Daily
China mulls deregulating energy prices

2005-11-14  Financial Times
Study warns of China/India wage gap

2005-11-14  Financial Times
China must cut farming population, says OECD

2005-11-11  China Economic Net
Foreign trade hits US$1.148 trillion; surplus hits $80.37 billion

2005-11-11  China Daily
Gays in Guangdong show unity and pride

2005-11-11  Xinhua
China vows to continue share reform in orderly manner

2005-11-11  China Daily
Rural kids to get free education by 2010

2005-11-11  The Standard
BP moves on Sinopec unit

2005-11-10  SCMP
Vicious cycle

2005-11-10  Wall Street Journal
How the textile industry won quotas on China imports

2005-11-10  People's Daily
New thoughts, ideas and moves of "11th Five-Year Plan" viewed from 11 key words

2005-11-10  Beijing Review
Life in a Struggle

2005-11-10  Inter Press Service
A 'win-win' textile deal - especially for the US

2005-11-10  The Guardian
A hunger eating up the world,7369,1638858,00.html

2005-11-10  London Review of Books
Jade and Plastic

2005-11-09  Asia Times
China's migrant worker pool dries up

2005-11-09  LA Times
Anxiety Drives Chinese Fixation on Frugality,1,103833.story

2005-11-09  LA Times
Chinese Dissident Tells of Abuse in Asylum,1,2452863.story

2005-11-09  The Guardian
Sudan at the head of a global sweep to mop up world's oil resources,7369,1637389,00.html

2005-11-08  Washington Post
Hospitals In China Find Profit In AIDS

2005-11-08  Asia Times
Democracy with Chinese characteristics

2005-11-06  LA Times
Land Seizures Raise Ire in China,1,3882954.story

2005-11-06  The Guardian
How China learned to love capitalism,7369,1635287,00.html

2005-11-05  Xinhua
180 SOEs seek investors worldwide

2005-11-05  Asia Times
Steel, the 'new textiles' for China

2005-11-05  Asia Times
Beijing blusters over India's nuclear deal

2005-11-05  LA Times
Vatican, China Inch Closer to Reconciliation,1,492467.story

2005-11-04  Morgan Stanley
China and the Worldview

2005-11-04  Christian Science Monitor
China reaches deeper into Taiwan politics

2005-11-04  New York Times
Excited and Wary, Investors Look at China

2005-11-04  AP
China's Poor See Gold in Olympics Mascot,1,7455317.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

2005-11-04  LA Times
Will China's Youth Play Virtuous Virtual Game?,1,492467.story

2005-11-03  Inter Press Service
'Green GDP' reflects shifting priorities

2005-11-03  SCMP
Violence flares in Hunan as hired thugs collect pollution surcharge

2005-11-03  AP
Chinese Sofa Factory Workers Go on Strike,0,5551562.story?coll=sns-ap-business-headlines

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