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2005-11-02  AFP
Workers in Asia amass US$300b

2005-11-02  The Standard
China - the odd one out

2005-11-02  The Standard

WTO police powers row

2005-11-02  SCMP
Rising profit fuels hopes for growth at Lenovo

2005-11-02  SCMP
Digging in over coal mine corruption

2005-11-02  SCMP
Bank of China rejects Temasek bid

2005-11-02  China Daily
Rural dwellers to be granted urban rights

2005-11-02  China Daily
Foreign banks to double growth

2005-11-01  Reuters
China's farmer army defends forgotten frontier

2005-11-01  AP
South America's attitudes sour on China

2005-11-01  SCMP
Now's the time of capitalist revolution with Chinese characteristics

2005-11-01  LA Times
Viral Theory on China Gender Gap,1,2921884.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

2005-11-01  Beijing Review
Rights Under Scrutiny

2005-11-01  The Age
Freedom of speech is still a trial in China

2005-11-01  Financial Times
China's railways welcome foreign investors on board

2005-11-01  Dow Jones
Current account soars on trade surplus

2005-11-01  AP
China's Railways Plan to Sell Shares

2005-10-31  SCMP
Predators risk it all in the mainland's privatisation jungle

2005-10-31  SCMP
Sex and the cities

2005-10-31  SCMP
Ousting of minister stirs public fury online

2005-10-30  LA Times
Chinese Visitor Gives a Boost to North Korea,1,7894513.story

2005-10-30  New York Times
China's Next Big Boom Could Be the Foul Air

2005-10-29  SCMP
Incomes, spending continue to surge

2005-10-28  Asia Times
Hidden motives in anti-corruption campaign

2005-10-28  Asia Pulse
China ratifies UN anti-corruption convention

2005-10-28  Financial Times
US presses China to revalue currency

2005-10-28  Financial Times
Obituary: Rong Yiren, the 'Red Capitalist'

2005-10-27  Asia Times
China goes after Maoists, but which ones?

2005-10-26  INAS
China ready to help India crush Maoists

2005-10-26  Reuters
China may swap and buy oil assets with global majors

2005-10-25  Asia Times
A vote, a strike and a sleight of hand

2005-10-25  Asia Times
Tough flying for the global economy

2005-10-25  IANS
China gives Nepal $989,000 military aid

2005-10-25  Reuters
China to blacklist, penalize polluting cities

2005-10-25  Reuters
Blind China activist beaten up again - group

2005-10-25  New York Times
Carlyle to buy control of a Chinese company

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