Re: "China and Socialism" discussions and debates

From Martin Hart-Landsberg <>
Date Sun, 2 Oct 2005 13:37:38 -0700 (PDT)
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As one of the authors of the book China and Socialism I wanted to add the
following information. The Taiwanese journal mentioned below is printing a
full Chinese translation of the book and including some of the comments.
It should be out this year.

In addition the journal Critical Asian Studies has had a roundtable on the
book.  In the recent September 2005 issue several responders offered their
critical comments.  Paul Burkett and I have responded to these criticisms
and our response will appear in the upcoming December 2005 issue of the

Marty Hart-Landsberg

On Sun, 2 Oct 2005, YAN Hairong wrote:

> Hi all,
> Many of you probably already know this, but just in case some
> may not, the Taiwan-based leftist journal _Pipan yu zaizao_
> has published a series of very serious discussions that have
> specifically and critically engaged Matin Hart-Landsburg and
> Burkett's _China and Socialism_. The Chinese translation of
> _China and Socialism_ was published serially in the same
> journal (No. 10, 11, 12 and 15).
> At the end of this message I provide the reference info. for
> these essays, my rough translation of their titles, and
> specific webpages I found for them. The webpage for the
> journal Pipan yu zaizao is
> I have learned a great deal from these productive and rich
> discussions and hope there will soon be English translations
> of these Chinese essays. Maybe this is something that Monthly
> Review can organize. It'd be wonderful to see these
> discussions collected.
> All of these essays can be accessed through the jiantizi
> (simplified characters) version of the journal page, but the
> fantizi (classical characters) page doesn't seem to make
> everything available. Perhaps it's an affirmative action for
> jiantizi readers.  In case any of the webpage below doesn't
> work, you can search for the articles in the jiantizi page
> under the category "socialism."
> By the way, this monthly (print) journal has a great number of
> interesting articles, including Han Yuhai's "Contemporary
> Chinese Socialist Legacy and Related Issues" (serially
> published in no. 12-15), and Yuan Yuhua's "Another
> Voice--Letters of Political Debate with a Right-Wing Friend"
> (in No. 22, 23), as well as an essay on the recent struggles
> of Thai migrant workers in Taiwan (no. 23), etc. etc. The
> annual subscription fee is US$50. I suppose the subscription
> info can be found on the journal's home page. In case it's not
> there, here is the address of the press (she zhi): 台北市羅斯
> 福路三段284巷12號, Pay to Wei Yi-Min. If you have any
> questions, here is the journal's e-mail address:
> I have just recently subscribed to the journal and think it's
> really worth supporting.
> Yan Hairong
> "We should Correctly Evaluate China's Cultural Revolution and
> its Capitalist Reform--A Commentary on _China and Socialism_
> and Responses."
> Ching Pao-yu (Jin Baoyu) (No. 23)
> "A Reflection from the Perspective of Class Relations on
> China's 'Capitalist Restoration.'"
> Wu Yiching (No. 21)
> "Chinese People Should Not Hesitate to Move Forward for Fear
> of Making Mistakes."
> Chen Yinzhen (No. 20)
> "Socialism Died in China, Long Live Chinese Socialism!"
> Li Minqi (No. 17)
> "Why was 'Deng Xiaoping' Process possible."
> Lao Tian (no. 15)