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2005-09-28  Xinhua
It's time for foreign investors to enter Chinese market through merger

2005-09-28  Washington Post
Oil Exports Leave China Grappling for Fuel at Home

2005-09-28  The Standard
Protesters' actions will be matched in response

2005-09-28  The Standard
Bank deal nixed for Credit Suisse

2005-09-28  China Daily
Waves of migrants spark debate on movement

2005-09-28  LA Times
Concerns Grow Over Executions in China,1,1108724.story

2005-09-28  China Daily
Survey looks at green NGO funding

2005-09-28  China Daily
UBS invests in Bank of China

2005-09-28  China Daily
Private pipeline to import Russian oil

2005-09-28  Asia Times
India discreet, China bold in oil hunt

2005-09-28  Financial Times
First foreign borrowers to issue renminbi bonds

2005-09-27  SCMP
Chip giant powers up solar cell venture

2005-09-27  LA Times
Even in China, Feng Shui Disharmony,0,2561667.story?coll=la-home-headlines

2005-09-27  The Standard
Hotels to sacrifice privacy to prevent WTO violence

2005-09-27  Financial Times
OECD says corruption threatens Chinese economy

2005-09-27  China Daily
Outward direct investment to increase

2005-09-27  The Standard
Maids plan WTO show of strength

2005-09-27  The Standard
Bank IPO set to break the record at US$7.7b

2005-09-27  Financial Times
'Barefoot lawyer' exposes abuses by Chinese officials

2005-09-26  New Yorker
Car Town

2005-09-26  Asia Times
Shenzhen at 25

2005-09-26  World Socialist Web Site
Chinese leadership plans to honour ousted party "reformer"

2005-09-26  The Guardian
Xiong Xianghui,7369,1578198,00.html

2005-09-26  Xinhua
Foreign firms may control brokerages

2005-09-26  Xinhua
Grain production rises; price fall hurts farmers

2005-09-25  Reuters
China Sets New Rules on Internet News

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