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2005-09-23  The Guardian
The forbidden tongue,7369,1576641,00.html

2005-09-23  China Daily
Officials found reluctant to retract stakes in coal mines

2005-09-23  SCMP
Delta face-off

2005-09-23  SCMP
Higher salaries fail to fill all empty seats

2005-09-23  SCMP
Past natural disaster tolls will remain in the past

2005-09-23  New York Times
China Lectured by Taiwan Ally

2005-09-22  The Guardian
War declared on designer drugs as Chinese middle class gets high,7369,1575448,00.html

2005-09-22  Morgan Stanley
Korea vs. Taiwan

2005-09-22  Knight Ridder
Urban Chinese take to carpooling - against authorities' wishes

2005-09-22  Xinhua
China self-supplies 94% of energy need

2005-09-22  China Daily
Firms mull China-Russia gas pipeline

2005-09-22  Reuters
Taiwan author riles China with acid speech

2005-09-22  China Daily
Message to employers: Staff want more cash

2005-09-22  China Daily
Tough hand to tighten control of mine sector

2005-09-19  Caijing
Microfinance Under the Microscope

2005-09-19  Caijing
Further Liberalization Key to Fuelling China's Global Buying Spree

2005-09-09  Xinhua
"Slums" sting Chinese cities, hamper building of harmonious society

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