Re: CFP: "Is a History of the Cultural Revolution Possible?"

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Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 05:09:12 +0000
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Don't put me on the spot, Yiching! -- I've only read a few articles. Alex 
and Dan V. both seem more familiar with Badiou's work. In any case, if 
anyone else on this list is interested, we've set up a Yahoo Group for 
discussing the CR in conjunction with this workshop (and possibly some of 
the other CR events rumored to take place next year):

and a reading list on the Seattle CSG blog, with relevant material by Badiou 
and others (please leave a comment with suggestions for other good material 
if you know any):

Also, sort of related to this: Jung Chang & Jon Halliday will be visiting UW 
in November, and I'd like to be prepared to ask some informed questions and 
possibly make some alternative literature available at their talk. Does 
anyone on this list know of any good critical reviews of their book?



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>Subject: Re: CFP: "Is a History of the Cultural Revolution Possible?"
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>Hi Marty,
>Alain Badiou is a French philosopher. There's some information on him on 
>the website of European Graduate School, where he teaches cources:
>He was apparently quite active during the late 1960s and was the founder of 
>France's third largest Maoist group UCFML (Marxist-Leninist Communist Union 
>of France), finally disbanded in 1984.
>There seems to be a Yahoo group devoted to him:
>There're bits of info on Badiou in A. Belden Fields' book Trotskyism and 
>Maoism in France and US. I remember there may also be something on him in 
>Michael Christofferson's new book French Intellectuals against the Left. 
>But I am not so sure.
>I confess I have not read any books by Badiou. Matt Hale and Alex Day on 
>this list know a lot more about him.