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2005-09-19  SCMP
Make or break for share reform

2005-09-19  China Daily
Relief at hand for thirsty northern cities

2005-09-19  Washington Post
Making Waves, Carefully, on the Air in China

2005-09-19  Financial Times
N Korea agrees to give up nuclear programmes

2005-09-18  Reuters
China beats the power crunch

2005-09-17  Telegraph
Now the petrol crisis sweeps China

2005-09-17  International Herald Tribune
 Private firms drive China's growth

2005-09-16  San Francisco Chronicle
The world (not a real one) is at her doorstep

2005-09-16  International Herald Tribune
Letter from China: For Beijing, fear grows as spirituality blooms

2005-09-16  SCMP
Asia is advised to diversify reserves out of US dollars

2005-09-16  AFP
Fixed asset investment grows 28.5pc

2005-09-16  Xinhua
Foreign investors able to buy large SOEs

2005-09-16  Yale Global
Koizumi Landslide: The China Factor

2005-09-16  New York Times
China Proposes Compromise in Stalled Korean Nuclear Talks

2005-09-16  Financial Times
China set to become world's biggest exporter by 2010

2005-09-16  Xinhua
Guangdong shuts down all coal mines

2005-09-15  SCMP
Did they set the tone for things to come?

2005-09-15  China Economic Net
Chinese chip producers look for preferential policies

2005-09-15  Asia Times
Asphalt net covers China's west

2005-09-15  China Daily
Time to luxuriate in luxury goods

2005-09-14  SCMP
Overcapacity fuels growing worry of slide into deflation

2005-09-14  Reuters
New US anti-piracy chief takes aim at China

2005-09-14  Asia Times
China beefs up its navy

2005-09-14  The Guardian
Boeing sells first private business jet to mainland,7369,1569449,00.html

2005-09-14  New York Times
Suit Says Wal-Mart Is Lax on Labor Abuses Overseas

2005-09-13  Jamestown Foundation
Hu Boosts Power as he Scrambles to Maintain Social Stability

2005-09-13  Asia Pulse
Government plans incentive package

2005-09-13  Asia Times
Reviving northeast China

2005-09-13  The Guardian
The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners,7369,1568622,00.html

2005-09-13  Financial Times
Beijing defends refusal to lift pump prices

2005-09-13  Financial Times
Private sector 'in control' of China economy, survey says

2005-09-12  In These Times
China's Press Crackdown

2005-09-12  Washington Post
China's Rising Tide of Protest Sweeping Up Party Officials

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